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Is Excessive Precum a Good Thing?
Some males produce results, others don't. Some men can last hours; others, minutes. For a woman, it’s not the size of the wand that counts, but the magic in it. Men who leak their magic fluid tend to suffer from heightened stimulation and arousal. The combination of leakage with arousal generates an unfortunate outcome—premature ejaculation.   
The Leak
The medical field refers to excessive precum by a more prosaic term--bulboureathral fluid. Doctors believe that precum makes the urethra and the vagina less acidic, allowing the sperm to survive longer. And the liquid is produced from the Cowpers glands, located at the base of the penis, to clean the urethra from leftover urine and filth. And while precum lubricates, cleans and even heightens arousal, it exacerbates an ejaculation.  
Why the Sudden Release?
A weak parasympathetic nerve or a congested prostrate gland serves as the most common causes for the release of excessive precum. The parasympathetic nerves, responsible for impeding the release of semen, open and close the ejaculatory valve during sex.  When those nerves experience damage, often because of excessive masturbation, the nerves cannot keep the valve closed long enough to prevent an ejaculation. 
Fixing the Problem
Herbal supplements have proved effective at restoring neurotransmitters for strengthening the parasympathetic nerves. Astragulus Complanatus, for example, serves as a key ingredient for several natural premature ejaculation remedies. It contains astragalin, a well-known flavonoid that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

In conjunction with other complementary herbs such as Gardenia, Cimicifuga, Os Draconis and Cornus Officinalis, these natural remedies can eliminate severe leakage problems and combat premature ejaculation while modulating levels of serotonin, dopamine, DHT, DHEA and GABA, necessary neurotransmitters and chemicals. 
As with all remedies, the answer lies in allowing sufficient time and persistence for the treatment to have optimum effect. But if you manage to elevate the amount of serotonin in your body and strengthen the ejaculatory nerves sufficiently, you can go a long way to maintaining control over that final blissful release.

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