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Over doing Kegel Exercise Can Result In Premature Ejaculation

Health trends become popular because of the hype. Magazines, books, even online articles rave about kegel exercises helping men obtain firmer erections, but excessive strain on the penis can be detrimental. According to recent studies, kegel exercises can cause some men to experience premature ejaculation. The reason: the contraction of the prostate muscle triggers the sympathetic nerve to induce ejaculation.

Men tend to contract the prostate muscle to stimulate the penis and obtain an erection. Long-term practice of contracting the prostate will help the muscle to develop more testosterone, DHT and oxytocin receptors. Because more hormones are found on the sex organs, hormone receptors make it possible for men and women to achieve an orgasm, as well as stimulate the penile tissues to achieve and maintain an erection.

For women, kegel exercises can help better orgasm, but for men, these methods can have unwanted effects. Since Kegel exercises create and trap DHT in your prostate, the testosterone is burned in the prostate muscle instead of the penis and tailbone tissues, decreasing a man’s ability to stay erect and prevent ejaculation. If you experienced premature ejaculation and prostate discomforts, you need to take herbs for your prostate.

Because parasympathetic acetylcholine (ACh) and nitric oxide (NO) neurotransmitters help the penis stay erect, males want to avoid too much testosterone getting burned and transformed into DHT in the prostate to prolong sexual activity. In order to measure your ACh and NO levels, you will need to maintain an erection to detect the dilator cGMP.

When penis and tailbone tissues burn testosterone, they enlarge and power the penis to block nervous transmissions of sexual stimulation from the penis glands to the prostate. To power the penis, dual action and interaction from the brain, testicles and the parasympathetic ACh function are needed.

If you are experiencing quick release problems, try Tao’s Ejaculation Control Technique, which can channel sexual energy from the prostate to the brain via the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the acupuncture network. Tao’s technique can make men last more than 40 minutes while producing firmer erections.

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