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Don't Let Stress Keep You Down
Every now and again, everyone will suffer from a bout of stress and anxiety. For some, anxiety will alter lifestyles. Anxiety can cause fear. Anxiety can damage relationships. And anxiety may even cause impotence. Anxiety alters the mind’s ability to concentrate and perform—two crucial elements required for sex.

When you experience stress and concern as a result of anxiety, the pituitary gland will produce more adrenaline. The higher adrenaline levels caused by anxiety will stymie the production of one vital hormone: testosterone. With little testosterone, the body cannot engage in sex.
What Causes Stress and Anxiety?
Anxiety and stress occur for a number of reasons, from worrying about work to dealing with family-related issues. These stresses and fears distract a man during the moments that matter most—like sex. When you become distracted, your partner takes notice. When your partner takes notice, you experience added worry. And when you experience added worry, you no longer perform as you once did. 
Omega-3, Erections and the Brain
According to recent research, men and women with low Omega-3 levels experienced depression, high stress levels and added anxiety. Why? Because Omega-3 fatty acids compose 80 percent of the weight of the human brain, these chemicals help keep the billions of neurons in the body healthy.

When the body experiences a dearth in these chemicals, mood will change; anxiety will assail the mind; and fear will follow suit.
Where to Go from Here

If you are having impotence problems, try herbal supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies suggest certain herbal supplements contain additional herbs that minimize worry, stress and impotence caused by performance anxiety. If you notice your fears damaging your sex life, take action!

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