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Give Life Again To Your Manhood - Are You Low In "T"?
When I was 12, my brother had his first physical examination. He, like most 8 year olds, didn’t hesitate to yank down his shorts when asked by the doctor. He stood there—naked, proud and a bit perplexed by some random medical expert touching his private areas. Ask a grown man to do what my brother did, and the man may seem a bit hesitant.
As men age, they grow more reserved and private. Talking about health woes often becomes cumbersome. Take low testosterone levels, a subject no man wants to admit to. It’s one of those awkward topics most men find themselves bringing up with their doctor, once they’ve exhausted other possibilities
As a man, you maybe experiencing other symptoms related to low “T,” such as male menopause (yes, that IS a condition). Whatever your reason for a doctor visit, you can increase your testosterone levels naturally.
Why is Testosterone So Important?
As one of the many natural hormones that make up the human body, testosterone has benefits for both men and women (yes, women have testosterone too!) As a man, though, testosterone is an integral part of what makes you male.

When you were a teenager, testosterone helped to build your muscles, deepen your voice, increase the size of your penis and testes, and keep you healthy and strong. Right through your teens and your twenties, testosterone is what makes you into a man and what keeps your sex drive going day to day. If there’s any change to your natural testosterone levels, you’re likely to feel the effects in several ways.
What Lowers Testosterone Levels?
As you age, your testosterone levels can lower, but it’s not necessarily aging that is the cause. Many common illnesses can create a drop in testosterone, such as type II Diabetes, chronic liver or kidney disease, HIV or AIDS, testicular cancer and its treatments, and infections. You may also see lower testosterone levels if you are obese or have experienced a recent injury to the testicles.

Aging does have an effect, as in male menopause, but consistent low scores on testosterone tests can also be a result of certain medications or genetic conditions.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
If you are experience one of these symptoms, you may be suffering from low levels of testosterone in your system:
  • A low sex drive or disinterest in sexual activities
  • Sexual dysfunctions, including weakened or fewer erections
  • Depression
  • Fatigue or a decrease in your energy levels
  • Significant weight gain
  • Reduced muscle mass or strength
  • A decrease in bone strength
  • A loss of body hair or a lessened need for shaving
  • Frequent sweats or hot flashes, also called male menopause
Even if you only have a few of these symptoms and not all of them, it’s worth consulting your physician for a blood test, which can determine if you have healthy testosterone levels in your body. Many of these symptoms can accompany other disorders, so it’s important to rule out all possible causes and get the right diagnosis. 
Raising Testosterone Naturally

In the world of men’s health, just as there are many ways to lower testosterone, there are many lifestyle changes you can make to raise your testosterone too. Boost your natural testosterone by losing weight, trying a new form of high-intensity exercise, eat plenty of zinc in your diet, add strength training to your routine, get enough vitamin D, reduce stress in your life, control your sugar intake, eat enough healthy fats every day, add whey protein to your diet to get more branch chain amino acids (BCAA) into your diet, and take the right natural herbs for faster results (CuscutaDeer Antler, or Shilajit).

Other ways to boost your testosterone levels include getting Diindolylmethane (DIM) from raw cruciferous vegetables every day, detoxing your colon, and getting enough physical, mental, and sexual rest. Improve your lifestyle and your actions can have many benefits, including a heightened sex drive from your higher testosterone levels!

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