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Chinese Medicine For PMS - Treasure Worthy & Restorative Herbs

The Eight Treasure Worthy & Restorative Herbs Combination Formula, also known as ‘Ba Zhen Formula’, is designed for women suffering from PMS symptoms coupled with exhaustion. Typical symptoms include paleness, dizziness, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, and loss of appetite.

Tons of Benefits
Herbs from this formula are aimed to relieve abdominal pains, bloating, irritability, and muscular aches associated with PMS, menopause, and other hormonal induced problems. Dong Quai, Atractylodes Macrocephala, and Codonopsis Pilosula, boost the formation of red blood cells, keep blood pressure in order, and promote better circulation of blood. The formula features a moisturizing skin effect and serves as a remedy for skin diseases, e.g., acne and psoriasis caused by an imbalance of progesterone, DHEA, estrogen, and other hormonal biofeedback problems.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medical textbook, women suffering from a hormone imbalance due to clogged liver bio-energy (Qi) cannot sustain adequate circulation of liver blood and suffer from poor bio-energy Yin circulation. Eight Treasure Worthy & Restorative Formula serves as a remedy to fortify spleen Qi and harmonize the activity between the liver and spleen.

Continuously taking the Eight Treasure Worthy & Restorative Formula can reduce the more severe symptoms of PMS, such as abdominal bloating menstrual irregularity, breast swelling, painful cramps, mild depression, headaches, and even relieve Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) to some degree.

For the TCM Practitioner & Experienced Herbologist:
Many Traditional Chinese Medical textbooks describe the therapeutic mechanism behind this formula. It’s been summarized to the key points listed above. Commercialized products are prescribed in very safe dosages. But the dosage can be adjusted based on the severity of symptoms,

How to increase dosage of these herbs
  • Add more Salvia (Dan Shen) to promote the circulation of blood and soften menstrual pain and inflammation
  • Add Ligusticum (Chuan Xiong) to stimulate new blood for chronic fatigue and mentally exhausted sufferers
  • Add Chen Pi to disperse stagnant Qi and dampen affiliated symptoms with abdominal bloating and breast swelling
  • Add more Rehmannia to nourish blood when liver qi stagnancy is established and heat symptoms are present 
  • Increase dosage of Dong Quai for reduced appetite, unhealthy complexion, fatigue, eye speckles, cold limbs, vertigo, light-headedness, or abruptness of breath
  • Add more Poria and White atractylodes to fortify and take out dampness from the spleen.
One of the key benefits of this formula is in how it improves irregular or delayed menstruation, amenorrhea, uterine bleeding, post menstrual fatigue and the drawn-out conditions that are associated with other diseases; after all, the human body is an integral system.
After taking the formula for a while, many women are delighted by the improved appearance they develop. This formula is very helpful for dry skin and dry brittle hair. Always confer with a certified medical practitioner or expert who is qualified to discuss nutritional deficiencies.
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