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Is it Normal? : Thick White Discharge

Orgasms result in white discharge left on vibrator and boyfriend. Is such thick, “man-like” discharge normal?

Case #: 413


After I orgasm, I take my vibrator out and it usually has a white discharge around the lip. It's the only time I have seen discharge. Then, when my boyfriend had withdrawn from me, he had the white discharge on his penis and stomach, but in a thicker consistency.

He questioned why the discharge occurred, but I knew it was from my orgasm. So Is this discharge normal?


It appears the pH balance of your vagina has been changed, causing the development of a vaginal yeast infection. Vaginal yeast infections are common and its reported that they affect 75 percent of all women at least once. If this is your first yeast infection, talk to a doctor first, as a misdiagnosis can potentially lead to more severe issues.

It appears that when you orgasm strongly, the yeasty discharge is propelled forward and appears either on your boyfriend, or on your toys.

A Sticky Situation

The vagina is naturally acidic and contains small amounts of the fungus called Candida albicans. However, when the acidity of the vagina is lowered, yeast thrives. The result? Anything from odorless, thick, white, creamy or cottage cheese-like consistency, to an overabundance of thin, clear or yellow discharge, accompanied by a smell reminiscent of beer or bread (hence, the yeast).

The accompanying symptoms include itching, burning and irritation during sex, centered near the vulva and foremost section of the vagina.

PH Primer

As I mentioned before, the vagina is naturally acidic. Many factors can influence acidity levels, for instance, sweets, birth control, antibiotics, menstruating, alkaline-rich semen, female genital deodorants, bubble baths or vibrators can all contribute to lower acidity.

Beat that Yeast!

Because yeast infections are so common, there are ways to combat the issue. One that is easy, cheap, and won’t have any negative results even if you don’t have a yeast infection is a simple vinegar douche.

This restores the vagina to its naturally acidic state as well as flushes out the vaginal tract, removing the discharge. If douching seems too invasive or uncomfortable, consider an herbal treatment. Many herbs are naturally antifungal and can also boost your immune response, helping your body to defend against the overpopulation of yeast organisms.

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