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When Youth Erectile Dysfunction Is Severe

He suffers from weak morning erections and unsustainable erections during intercourse.

Case #: 29103


I have erectile dysfunction. It’s hard to believe, especially at the age of 29. It started over a year ago, when I noticed my morning erections started to disappear. Soon, I saw that even while masturbating I could not maintain an erection. I would try and try and try—all to no avail. My penis would hang there—limp and lifeless. When I do see my penis gain somewhat of an erection, it gets fully hard—or does it stay hard for long.

My weak erections continue to stymie the enjoyment of intercourse. My girlfriend often tries vehemently to help me gain an erection. Her efforts are invariably meet with disappointment. Because of my poor sexual performance , I feel her frustrations continue to mount. She has remained mum, but fear her frustrations will lead to our break up. I want to regain my manhood. I want to save my relationship. I just want to see a return of my rock-hard erections.


Erectile dysfunction for an individual of your age seems uncommon. In the instances that it does occur, it usually happens because of medications, street drugs, or over-masturbation (aka Youth Impotence). Since you make no mention of heavy medication usage, I will assume that it’s due to your over-masturbation habits. Over-masturbation will deplete your body of essential neurochemicals vital to your sex life. Abuse the activity enough and you will see a lack of testosterone necessary to power an erection. Meanwhile, the body will be unable to produce enough acetylcholine to help gain an erection.

The Science Of Your Erection
For an erection to occur, your body must produce the necessary hormones and nuerotransmitters essneital for the phenomena to occur. The body must produce enough testosterone, dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin to gain an erection, to keep it, and to fight off premature ejaculations.

When you ejaculate in excess, your body losess these nuerochemicals, while the liver production starts to slow. When the liver no longer functions as before, toxic waste starts to build up and nutrients cannot be processed, leading to a reduction of hormones and nuerotransmitters being used. In this state, the body cannot receive necessary nutrients nor hormones to power an erection, leading to your current situation.

What to Take
For a man in your position, you need to regain a balance of your homrones once again. Aside from that, you too need to refrain from engaging in any sexual activity. That means no masturbation, no sex, not even porn. These activities will further inhibit your body’s capacity to gain and maintain an erection. In addition, you too may want to take all-natural supplements recommended in Botanical Formula For Erection Rejuvenation to help improve your current situation. These products will eliminate toxic waste from the liver while balancing your hormone levels for a proper erection.

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