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Soft Erections? Get the 411 on DHT

He was struggling to achieve firmness in the head of his penis during erection, and as you can imagine, it was really taking a toll on his sex life. Learn how DHT can kill your erections, and see how you can reclaim control.

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Recently I have noticed that when I get a hard-on, my penis will get hard, but not the head. The head will get a little 'fuller' if I am standing, but there is no expansion if I am lying on my back. It seems to be much 'fuller' if I am lying on my side. I would appreciate any suggestion you might have that would help to make this better.


Soft erections are no fun at all. Your problem is pretty common, but I'm sure that's of little comfort. After all, herpes is very common, but you wouldn't wish that on your worst enemy (well...maybe your worst enemy). The problem can be summed up with 3 letters: DHT.

Actually, the full name is dihydrotestosterone, but this isn't the national spelling bee finals, so let's just stick with DHT. DHT is like TNT for your d-o-n-g. And you can forget about enjoying T&A when your erection is DOA. All you're left with is an unsatisfied partner shouting OMG, so let's get this issue under control.

What is DHT Anyway?

DHT can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When produced in adequate amounts, it aids in the development of the testicles, prostate and even hair follicles. But when overproduced or under-produced, it can wreak havoc on the very bodily processes that it helped to develop. Take your penis, for instance. The glans penis are chock full of DHT receptors. But if DHT levels are deficient, these receptors will reduce the glans size. So rather than blowing up like a balloon, your penis springs to life more like a Slinky.

So what causes this embarrassing penile defect? In healthy adults, DHT deficiencies are most commonly the result of over-masturbation. There may be other culprits at work, such as poor diet, heredity, or the use of certain prescription drugs, but if you find yourself masturbating daily or multiple times a day, that's probably a good place to start in diagnosing the possible cause. Consider scaling it back.

Focus on other hobbies and cancel the HBO if you have to (with shows like Game of Thrones, you don't stand a chance). And whether the problem is related to masturbation or some other undiagnosed affliction, you should be able to restore your DHT levels with a bit of herbal supplementation.

Herbs for Healthier Erections

What we need to do (and by “we,” I mean you) is to stimulate increased blood flow to your penis, restore your DHT levels and help you to achieve the full-fledged Go-Go-Gadget erections that you once enjoyed. For this, I'm going to recommend an ancient herb—cultivated in Africa and Asia since early civilization—known as Cistanche. Cistanche, when combined with other herbs like Lycium and Epimedium, will help to restore your hormone balance, increase the blood flow and regain your manhood. There are a variety of botanical remedies available with these and similar herbs. (SEE: Natural Firming Erections Remedy) So give your DHT some much needed TLC (okay, that's enough of that), and see what it can do for you.

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