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Keeping the Prostate in a Healthy State: Sperm Count and Quality Start with this Organ

He suffered prostate health problems as little as six weeks ago. An herbal supplement have helped him overcome those, and now he’s wondering how many times he can safely ejaculate. In addition to his own health, he must also consider the quality and count of his sperm, which depend on the prostate.
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I am a 55-year-old man who had burning and pressure in my prostate area. All that stopped as of two weeks ago. I feel pretty good now! I’ve been taking Prosta Juven for six weeks.

My question is this: “How often should a man of my age ejaculate?” I have been waiting three weeks between ejaculations.
Thank you so much for your advice.

The prostate is one of a male’s most important sex organs. It secretes a fluid during ejaculation that improves the motility and survival of sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate’s muscles also help propel semen. This facilitates egg fertilization and increases the likelihood of pregnancy.
Given your previous prostate problems, it’s important you take the steps necessary to promote its well-being. If you’re looking to improve your sperm count, you need to be especially cautious. Educating yourself and protecting your health will improve your sexual intimacy and also contribute to your overall quality of life.
Age and Intercourse

Sex at age 55 is different from that at 25. You may no longer be able to pull all-night marathons, but that doesn’t mean the quality of intercourse has to change. It can and should be better than ever, especially because sex at this age can actually make you younger. In fact, engaging in quality sex and reaching orgasm more than 116 times a year can subtract up to eight years from your biological age.
This fountain of youth phenomenon is likely related to stress management. Sex is known to relieve stress, which causes a large number of life-threatening diseases. In addition, intercourse promotes intimacy and helps you stay connected to your partner. A healthy home life can contribute to longevity in much the same way that intercourse does. It is therefore just as important to have meaningful sex at 55 as it is at any other age.
How Many Times are Healthy?

As already described, ejaculation quality depends largely on a healthy prostate. Men under age 50 commonly suffer from inflamed prostates, while those over 50 typically have enlarged prostates. Both of these conditions can cause great discomfort and interfere with intimate relationships.
It sounds like you are on the recovering side of prostate problems, which often lead to such sexual complications as erectile dysfunction. If their health permits, men at age 55 can usually ejaculate one to three times per week. The problem that often plagues those with low prostate health is poor tissue quality, which can overwork the urethra and prostate during ejaculation and cause harm to both.
Fertility at Age 55

Of course, no discussion about the prostate would be complete without also mentioning fertility. Because sperm depend on the prostate’s fluid to survive during ejaculation, sperm count can be significantly reduced when the prostate isn’t healthy. Other factors also influence sperm count, including environmental toxins and genetics.
Men with low sperm counts are often advised to follow a schedule for intercourse that optimizes sperm health. It is therefore ideal that you’re exercising caution with your frequency of ejaculation. However, engaging in sex can also potentially reduce your likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Reaching climax helps flush dangerous toxins from your body, and it can also improve heart health by, again, relieving stress. The health benefits of intercourse cannot be discounted, meaning you must keep your sex organs healthy.
Boost Your Sperm and Enjoy Sex

One of the surest ways to improve testicular health and sperm count is by taking a natural herbal supplement. (TRY: Natural Formula for Male Fertility Enhancement) Herbs like Tribulus and Catuaba improve the quality of penile tissue so you can fully enjoy sex without worrying about further damage to your organs. A well-blended formula also increases healthy sperm count and balances your body’s hormones so that sex is almost like it was at age 25 – only better.

What to do

Walking Sperm Bank - Natural Ways To Increase Male Fertility & Semen Volume

This remedy has been enhanced to improve fertility for men with low sperm count, watery semen and altered testicular health while strengthening the ejaculatory valve.

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