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I Suffer From Body Acne, Hair Thinning, And Non-Sustainable Erection

I suffer from body acne and hair thinning. I have been over-masturbating for a while.
Case #: 383

I’m a 24-year-old male who has noticed a decline in spontaneous erections and sustained hardness. I too suffer from body acne and hair thinning. I have been over-masturbating for a while. What can I do to change my ways?

Judging from the information you provided, you have too much time to engage in masturbation. If this is a way of dealing with stress, you need to find a new way to deal with your issues.
As you probably have noticed, over stimulating yourself can cause your body to go through many changes.
Many of those changes make you feel much worse than you intended, such as body acne, thinning hair and poor erection quality. Knowing how your body works together--and against itself--may help you spend more time in a healthy sexual experience, rather than a lonely one.
What’s going on down there?

Think back to when you had sex education in school. You may remember a section on hormones. Hormones dictate every feeling, every tingling sensation, every tear, every hair and even every zit that happens to your body. The sense of arousal that occur is caused by hormones, testosterone, endorphins and oxytocin specifically.
When you ejaculate, the body produces adrenal hormones, which cause pleasure beyond compare. Now the bad part of too much ejaculation—excessive ejaculation causes the body to remain in a constant internal battle. Too much ejaculation causes high levels of adrenaline that lead to muscle pain, fatigue, nervousness and stress. While high cortisol and DHT, byproducts of too much masturbation, can lead to thinning hair and acne.
How can you make it better?

Masturbating and sex can turn into addictions. If you notice your problem is that serious, you should seek professional help. If you are in control, take a break from ejaculating. This rest will give your body time to heal.
If you are still having problems with your erections, and you have reduced the frequency in which you masturbate, certain herbs may help.
Men, like women, may need hormone replacement therapy. With all-natural herbs, men can restore their testosterone levels and reduce stress levels to regain healthy erections. For example, Curculigo can improve the function of adrenal glands, while serving as an anti-inflammatory agent that may help with muscle fatigue. Other herbs, such as Cnidium, can help fix oxidative damage caused by stress from excessive masturbation.

What to do

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