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I am 40 years old who suffers from weak erections. I take several different vitamins as daily supplements, which may be the cause. I’m currently taking Salmon Oil, Sandoz Calcium, Vitamin C, Natopherol-natural Vitamin E and Yomeishu.

I can maintain an erection in the morning with little problem, but other times of the day my erection remains flaccid. My semi-flaccid state can even cause premature ejaculations.

Because of my two issues, I can’t get my wife to orgasm. I love my wife, and I want to satisfy her and myself. Can you help me?


When your body is able to restore testosterone, your body is said to be in parasympathetic mode. As the day goes by, little by little, stress causes your body to lower the amount of testosterone, putting your body into the “Fight or Flight” mode, otherwise known as the Sympathetic mode.

This is the primary cause of the “morning wood” phenomenon, where a man has a great erection in the morning, but can face erection withdrawal or premature ejaculation later in the day.

Coffee and Cigarettes

You cannot have your coffee without a cigarette. Both provide temporary pleasure, but each is considered an “upper.” The caffeine in coffee and the nicotine in cigarettes temporarily reduces stress. But according to studies, the nicotine from a single cigarette only lasts about fifteen minutes, a duration of time you want your erections to last.

Your coffee intake is not outrageous, but please beware of how excess caffeine can lead to premature ejaculation. Nicotine raises your daily stress level, which you need to decrease in order to maintain an erection.

Love, The Natural Way

Your goal is to improve the quality of your erection. While flaccid, you tend to stimulate the penis more to get erect. In your attempt to gain an erection, your penis experiences added stimulation that causes premature ejaculation.

You want to maintain a healthy erection to minimize the chances of premature ejaculation. By taking natural supplements that specifically combat weak erections, you can take care your premature ejaculation issues as well.

All-natural supplements provide ingredients such as Astragalus Complanatus, Curculigo, Ostrea Gigas, Schisandra that improve the quality of an erection and prevent early ejaculation.

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