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Ending Your Sexual Slump in Four Easy Steps
As a woman, you love to have sex, but lately, things have been a bit...on the dry side. That's not to say that the sex isn't good. It's just that it's good in the way that a ham sandwich is good. It gets the job done, but there's not a lot of spice. Maybe you and your partner have just run into a bit of a dry spell, but you don't have to accept this fate. If you want to restore the passion to the bedroom, you're just going to have to be proactive. So break out the whipped cream, get yourself a pair of handcuffs, and let's get busy.
Regaining That Missing Spark
There are few truths in this world that apply to every situation, but here is one fact that you can consistently count on, time and time again: It's all his fault. Okay, so maybe that's a bit harsh, but come on. If he was more aware of your needs, you wouldn't have to be responsible for your own release quite so often. So here are four things you can do to restore some heat to the fire:
Visit a sex shop. Wait, what? A sex shop? Yes, a sex shop. Go together as a couple, and pick out a few toys that allow you to experience improved clitoral stimulation. It will be a fun, sexy adventure for the both of you, and if he feels uncomfortable about the whole experience, make it about him. Remind him that this visit is his chance to stimulate in you in brand new, mind-blowing ways. Appeal to his manhood. It works every time.
Try an herbal remedy. If you consistently struggle to find yourself in the throes of ecstasy, you may have a bit of underlying physical damage to your reproductive system. Overuse of vibrators, hysterectomies, nerve damage and even birth control pills can thwart your sensitivity, so if you think the issue may be physical, consider a botanical remedy formulated with herbs like Ashwagandha, Cnidium and Milk Thistle.
**Do you love your vibrator? Research shows that overuse can contribute to nerve damage, so use it sparingly.**
Experiment in the bedroom. If you're still having the same sex in the same positions, after a while sex becomes an automatonic routine. Try role playing, extend the foreplay, fulfill each other's fantasies, and break out those new toys you just bought at the sex shop.
Have him go downtown. As the MayoClinic has pointed out (and as you may have noticed yourself), some women are simply incapable of achieving orgasm during intercourse. Some women require clitoral stimulation, so oral sex can actually be your best friend when the bump-and-grind falls short.
Start Having Better Sex
**According to MayoClinic, it's crucial that couples talk with each other about their desires and expectations in the bedroom.**
Of course, these physical steps can all make a big difference, but there is one more important issue that we shouldn't overlook: communication. Communication is the first step to better sex, so if you're struggling, talk about it with your partner. Yes, it can be difficult, and there may even be some crying involved (but he'll get over it, trust me). If you aren't in tune with one another on an emotional level, you'll never be on the same page sexually. So start having “the talk.”
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