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The Drooping Effects of Getting High: Too Much Marijuana Causes Erection Problems
Here’s a scenario with which you might be familiar: a group of teens sitting around the house dressed in old, baggy jeans and t-shirts laden with messages that reflect their sour world viewpoints. One produces a blanket (marijuana cigarette), lights it and inhales deeply. With a casual extension of his arm, he passes the blanket to the teen beside him, who does the same until everyone in the room has taken a drag.
“That was me,” Jack says. “I was the greasy-haired, humorless kid who smoked marijuana all through high school. I probably didn’t draw two sober breaths throughout my teen years.”
Not What You Expect
To see Jack today, you’d never know he was the stereotypical stoner. He looks now like somebody who’s cleaned up pretty well. He wears button-up shirts and ironed trousers to work, his hair is clipped stylishly short, and he bathes routinely.
He also just kicked the cannabis habit at age 30. His profession? Teaching history to high school kids.
“I wasn’t hooked,” he explains, “but I certainly didn’t want to know a day without smoking. It loosened me up, helped me get through the work hours without barking at somebody. Besides, everybody knows marijuana is harmless, so at least I wasn’t hurting anyone.”
Maybe John wasn’t hurting anyone, but he was hurting himself. He realized this after his penis started going soft during sex. He had heard the warnings about marijuana before, but in his youth dismissed them as wayward admonitions to make him stop doing what he enjoyed. Then he met a girl to whom he was completely attracted. He lit up a few times with her and then drifted to the bedroom, where their chemistry inevitably led to intercourse. John, however, couldn’t perform up to par. His girlfriend noticed and gave him sound advice: leave the Colorado cocktail (marijuana) alone.
Shining Light on the Uncool Factor
“Here’s what I learned from that experience,” John says. “Smoking isn’t cool. Marijuana smells bed, kills your brain cells and damages the quality of your erections. You can think what you want about this drug, but remember it’s a foreign chemical. It isn’t meant to be ingested, no matter how badly you want the opposite to be true.”
John concedes occasional marijuana use is rather harmless. Years of repeated smoking like he did, however, damages arteries vital to easy blood flow. Once blood flow becomes constricted, a man can have an increasingly difficult time with sustaining erections.
“My girlfriend made a deal with me. She said she’d quit smoking if I did, and that she’d work on our relationship if I was willing to try a cock ring during sex. It took me some time to agree to the cock ring part – I didn’t want to inflict more damage on my penis. But I was wrong. The cock ring helped more than I ever thought possible.” (SEE: Cock Rings for Erection Support)
A Ring to Counteract the Marijuana
Men with erectile dysfunction often employ cock rings for two reasons: (1) they are easy to use and add sexual excitement that toys in general often give; and (2) they genuinely help sustain an erection without the need for pills, creams or ointments.
“I’m not here to endorse anything,” John says. “I want only to share my story and let guys know help is available. No matter how much marijuana you’ve smoked, a cock ring will help you keep an erection. Don’t let smoking get in the way of sex. Listen to what I’m telling you and buy a cock ring.”
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