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PMS Is The Ultimate Drag

I remember my first foray into womanhood like it was yesterday. First my breasts started to ache. Just the mere fabric of my slightly padded training bra caused an unimaginable pain. Then the cramping set in really low in my abdominal region. I'm sure at the time I was completely convinced that my life was in peril. I'm also sure that some of the periods I've experienced since that time would put my puny little cramps from back in the day to shame. Since I bridged the gap between being a girl and becoming a woman I've actually experienced some cramps that were so quick and knife like that they brought me to my knees.

The Dawn Of A Painless Period
Like many young women, I began to seek out some relief for my unbearable cramping, mood swings, and headaches. Over the counter PMS pills work great for fast acting pain relief, but every time I took them I began to immediately feel shaky. I could sometimes literally feel my heart rate accelerate, to the point where it felt as if my heart might just fly out of my chest. I didn't want to have yet another problem on my hands, so for a long while I just bared through the painful process of teen menstruation.
Eventually, I began taking birth control in my early twenties, and it did help out a bit. It definitely cut back on the length of time that I experienced PMS symptoms every month, and the cramping after the first day of menstruation was no longer as bad. However, the first day of my period always seemed to have me practically bedridden. I also began to experience some very strange stomach pains that didn't seem to have anything to do with PMS or menstruation at all.
I had no desire to have to call off work, or not go to school every month on a random day...I knew something simply had to be done about my harsh PMS symptoms, so I started to dig.
Deal With Pain The Natural Way
It didn't take me long to come across an amazing herbal remedy that called for the enticing ingredient, False Unicorn Root. (SEE: Natural PMS Relief for Healthier Reproduction) The root is great for women who experience intense PMS symptoms such as menstrual irregularities, and unbalanced progesterone or estrogen levels. False unicorn root is also great for women who are having trouble with nausea during their pregnancy, or to stave off pain caused by gonorrhea.
The root works especially well for women like me, who foolishly downed countless over the counter aspirins and PMS specialty pills. Over time these pills can begin to leave behind a harmful residue within the liver. If you take these types of pills religiously, the liver will not be able to keep up with the level of pill buildup. The root will help to flush the left behind residue out of the body, and give the liver a much needed break.

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