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If Noticed That Your Vaginal Juices Have Changed, You Are Not Alone
If you are a woman over 40 and have noticed that your vaginal juices have changed, you are not alone. It is a normal change that happens as we get older. After forty the moisture inside your vagina will be white, a little thick and sticky to the touch. It also has a scent that is akin to warm milk or cottage cheese without the lumps.
Moist & Sensitive Membranes
Because the vagina is made up of sensitive mucus membranes it requires that the area stay moist. The body creates the perfect PH balance inside that rids the area of sperm, lubricants, spermicides and other free radicals that may come into contact with this most intimate part of the body.

Any one or all of these things will change the chemicals inside the vagina making the tissue irritated and raw. This is the last thing any woman wants to spend her time thinking about so by the time she notices something is wrong, it may be a problem.
Milky Discharge
There are many causes of milky discharge in the body that have nothing to do with natural changes. Some of these are antibiotics, birth control, STDs, multiple sexual partners, douches or soaps, lotions or bubble bath. The most common problem caused by these is a yeast infection. They can occur any time, without warning. The first notion may be a slight itch and it is best not to simply ignore it.

Most yeast infections are caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans. This is a natural, germ fighting fungus found in the vagina in small amounts. While the Ph balance stays the same, this fungus is harmless.

However in some instances when free radicals mentioned above come into contact with the vagina they will change the chemical balance that kept this fungus in check giving it a chance to grow and irritate.
Solution To Your Nightmare

Thankfully there are herbal remedies that will help the problem quickly. Ashwagandha, rehmannia and wild Mexican yam all work to decrease swelling. Ligustrum and ashwagandha both boost the immune system helping the body to work with the herbs. Fo ti helps with the itching which is almost half the problem. It is easy to get this combination at: Vaginal Infections Relief & Detoxification Formula.

The mixture of these herbs combine to help flush out the free radicals, restore the correct balance to the vagina and take away all the pain associated with this embarrassing condition. Taken as recommended the pesky infection will be a thing of the past leaving more time to enjoy life once again.

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