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From Roller Coster Ride to Smooth Sailing: Get Your Hormones Under Control
Getting your menstrual period is a problem of the past! I’m assuming you’ve already read my article on what organic tampons to use, an all-inclusive guide to finding the right organic tampon that may minimize crankiness. So what’s left to cover regarding your period? 
The Ride
The ovulation cycle forces your body to undergo a series of regulatory chemicals changes controlled by your hormones. During these changes, we women can exasperate our male partners during a seemingly unpredictable roller coaster of emotions, but men, do not forget: we dislike the ride. From mood swings and nausea to appetite changes and sleep deprivation, menstruation is a struggle. Maybe that’s why women are great at multi-tasking—because women are biologically designed to consider multiple factors at all times. 
Primal Instinct 
As we have advanced and evolved, our reproductive values have changed. We have transformed from marrying and mating for financial gains (well, most of us at least) to choosing to marry and mate for love and happiness. Women have become picky about their mates and their traits. And because of this change in desires, our ovulation patterns and choices in mates have changed. 
For a female, ovulation proves to be a detrimental time. The lives of her children—and their future children—depend on the choices a mother makes. And for women looking for a mate, common questions start to occur: Will he be a good provider? Does he have the ability to protect and be loyal? How good are his genetics? Does he have any major illness that could be passed to offspring? Is he able to handle stress with ease? 
The less positive characteristics a male displays during a woman’s ovulating years, the more irritated she will become of him. Then again, once the eggs dissolve his diminutive reproductive qualities will be of less important to some females.
Getting Off The Ride
Such an emotional roller coaster is fine while you’re still seeking a partner, but what about those who have already married and begun their families? They shouldn’t have to continue through any biological doubts when the mature, evolved mind doesn’t see any. To ease the mind and control the hormones, proper eating habits and exercise can stymie that roller coaster of emotions.
Smooth Sailing

While there are several options on the market for herbal remedies, I recommend a natural approach to healing the body. Thanks to phytoestrogens from herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Red Clover and Dong Quai, the body can experience a natural balance to quell the mind and body from violent, frustrated tirades. And because these herbs contain no side effects, you can ease your worries about your current partner or while you attempt to find a new one.

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