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Persistent Premature Ejaculation Causes & Treatments
remature Ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction, but acts as the least treated for one reason: “embarrassment." Fortunately, P.E. can be prevented and treated by identifying the root cause.

Identify the Causes
Causes of premature ejaculation include abnormal hormone and neurotransmitter levels, malfunctioning reflex activity of the ejaculatory system, thyroid disorders, inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra, abuse to prescription drugs, damage to the nervous system, and elevated stress and anxiety levels. For some men, premature ejaculation is accompanied by other erectile dysfunctions, such as unsustainable erections and excessive precum leakage.

Psychological Causes: Hormonal Causes:
  • Excessive Masturbation
    The most common cause for P.E. is over masturbation. If you notice your erections weaken, a dip in endurance or a change in mood, you may be suffering from signs of over masturbation.
    What to do: Take the nourishing pill to reverse the damage done
Medical Causes:
Associated Symptoms:

If you can't identify a cause for your P.E. problem, you might be experiencing Incidental Premature Ejaculation, which is a one-time, occasional issue that should be of no concern.

More Complications
P.E. combined with impotency and low sex drive can make a steady sex life difficult. P.E. sufferers need to identify the causes and time the duration before an ejaculation to diagnose the problem. (More: 5 Surprising FactsMyths, & Tips)
For many people who suffer from ejaculation disorders, the reasons might not be easy to spot due to the multiple causes and symptoms involved. For example, premature ejaculations driven by performance anxiety can be the result of a developed fear. Such a disorder is different than a medical or physically related premature ejaculation. Meanwhile, P.E.’s relation to sexual exhaustion from over masturbation is often overlooked, as it exhibits both hormonal and nervous dysfunctional symptoms.

How Fast is Too Fast?
There is NO medical standard for how long it should take a man to ejaculate. Ejaculation is considered premature if it occurs before both partners are satisfied. But please note, it takes at least 15 minutes to induce orgasmic responses for most women.

She deserves at least 15 minutes!
When you combine these physical and mental weaknesses, the affect can be extremely debilitating. It can lead to the inability to maintain healthy relationships with other people. Not only are intimate sexual relationships challenged, but your average, everyday social experiences are damaged, too, because of the frame of mind. Often, when anger and frustration are combined with disappointment and fear, a dangerous weight is formed that acts as a social wrecking-ball, destroying the foundations of your relationships. All can avoid by identifying your cause of P.E. and fixing it with natural remedies and techniques.

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