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The One Time You Don’t Want to be Thin: A Wider Penis Builds Confidence and Increases Sexual Satisfaction for Men and Women
When Garrett’s girlfriend wanted bigger breasts, he supported her decision to use enhancement cream. He watched as she diligently rubbed the liquid into her skin night after night. Although he thought she looked great just the way he was, he confesses he’s always been of the belief that bigger is better.
The change he saw in his girlfriend’s body after a few weeks made his jaw drop. “I couldn’t believe how much plumper and firmer her boobs looked. She’s always been a beautiful girl, so the real surprise was in how well the enhancement cream worked.”
Assessing His Own Flaws
Seeing is believing, as the saying goes, and Garrett found himself thinking about his own body. He was young, not yet 30, and stayed in shape by playing basketball a few times a week. His leg muscles were thick, his arms buff and his stomach tight. As for his penis...
“I’ve never had a problem satisfying a girl in bed,” he says. “I know what a girl likes and make sure she gets her pleasure before I get mine. But my penis wasn’t as perfect as I would have liked. It wasn’t the length – that was fine. I’m almost nine inches when I’m hard. What I wanted was more girth.”
Why Girth Matters, Too
A man’s penis is done growing by the time he’s 17. The all-important element of size depends on genetics, diet and exposure to chemicals. While American society seems to be fixated on penis length, another measurement is equally important, especially when talking about sexual pleasure: girth.
Girth is the circumference of a penis measured at midshaft. No man wants his penis described as average, but an ideal number when erect is 4.8 centimeters. Garrett, who didn’t concern himself with numbers for comparison, saw only what he has described as a “thin dick in need of more bulk.”
“I’m not going to lie,” he says. “After watching my girlfriend achieve her ideal body, I realized I wanted a bigger penis. If that sounds vain, so be it, but that’s my manhood we’re talking about.”
Aside from vanity, girth plays a crucial role in sex. Everyone knows more surface area means more nerve endings to be stimulated, so a bigger penis can in fact make sex better for the male. But this pleasure also extends to the female. A wider penis is more likely to touch the clitoris, which increases a woman’s likelihood of reaching climax. Most women also find the fuller feeling during intercourse more satisfying.
Getting What You Want
Garrett says the solution to his dilemma was easy once he thought about it.
“I decided to use a penis enhancement cream like the one my girlfriend used on her breasts. But I wanted to make sure I didn’t waste my money on a costly gimmick. I selected Ron Jeremy’s Advantage Thickening Cream because, out of everyone in the industry, he should know what it takes to make a bigger penis.  (SEE: Penis Creams for a Thicker Penis) He’s a porn actor, so I felt safe in buying his product.”
Enhancement creams push more blood into the penis so it looks and feels wider. The most effective of these products are those you buy from a trusted source. While using, reapply diligently and stay patient – nothing happens overnight.
As for the results, Garrett says they speak for themselves. “I got the bigger dick I wanted, thanks to Ron Jeremy’s Cream. Now I’m wider and have more confidence. But the sex is what’s shocking. It feels so good each time that I can’t wait for the next. And my girlfriend agrees.”
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