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Community Spotlight: How One Herballove Member Improved His Sexual Endurance After Abusive Masturbation

Scott emailed the Herballove Editorial team a few months ago worried that he had masturbated himself into a problem: premature ejaculation. He was so worried that he feared his then partner would leave him.

So we did our best to give him a detailed list of tips and solutions to resolve his problem. A few months later, Scott emailed us again, amazed by how effective our solutions and tips were at eliminating his P.E. problems. Here are his unedited comments:

An ejaculatory valve (also known as the ejaculatory duct) opened for extended periods causes a premature ejaculation. And excessive masturbation can affect the duration of the valve's opening.

“I’m glad I found the Herballove community. I learned a lot from the tips and solutions offered. Before I discovered Herballove, I masturbated often. I was masturbating almost 10 times a day. After I would leave work, I would get home. Take my pants off and masturbate. I masturbated three or four times before dinner. After dinner, I would follow my post-ritual: search for porn, masturbate and repeat.
Once I met my then girlfriend, I replaced my incessant masturbation habits with sex. But I noticed that each time I had sex, I rarely lasted long enough to make her orgasm. My endurance varied—sometimes five minutes, other times, less. It was if my stimulation threshold had been destroyed by my masturbation habits. And I would often see the look of frustration on my girlfriend’s face. And after a few months of taking Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves & Premature Ejaculation, I gradually saw an improvement in my ability to retain my ejaculation. I notice that I could last longer. And it was not because of previous premature ejaculation caused by performance anxiety with my then girlfriend because I entered other relationships with women after and still experienced an improved endurance.”

Thanks For Sharing

The best thing Scott did was to take Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves & Premature Ejaculation, which strengthened his parasympathetic nerves to minimize the threat of an ejaculation. And while premature ejaculation can occur for reasons other than masturbation, we enjoy hearing success stories from individuals like Scott.

As he battled and fought off P.E., millions of other men still suffer from the condition everyday. Some remain aware of the causes, others remain baffled by how eccentric some of the causes can be. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, find out if it is masturbation that ruins your stamina or something else.

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