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Avoiding Premature Ejaculation through Kegel Exercises
Although it can happen to everyone, premature ejaculation is something most men want to avoid. It can be accompanied by feelings of inadequacy, guilt or embarrassment. The added stress of feeling self-conscious is not going to help the problem, only worsen it. Premature ejaculation can be solved in a number of ways, starting with simple exercises that can be performed just about anywhere.
The pubococcygeus (PC) muscles play a part in controlling ejaculation. Knowing the P.C. muscles can help delay orgasms during sex. The P.C. muscles are located just below the prostate gland and are the muscles used to hold urine or stop urination flow. Because of their location, overly used or overly weak P.C. muscles can lead to a slew of penile issues including weak erections and premature ejaculations.
The first step to strengthening these muscles is to avoid straining them. Over exercising them is a big cause of strain, so only practice kegel exercises the suggested amount. Avoid stopping the urination stream regularly, especially with a full bladder.  Avoid flexing the P.C. muscles during sexual activities, also.
Many men will flex the muscle to make the erection seem firmer, or to avoid ejaculation. However, flexing the P.C. muscles during sex will only make the orgasm come faster. Contracting the muscles will produce pre-cum, which lubricates the urethra and prepares the body for orgasm. Because of their location beneath the prostate gland, they can also trigger the G-spot and intensify the feelings of sexual activity. This will ultimately lead to a faster orgasm.
To strengthen the P.C. muscles without hurting them, practice kegel exercises.  Targeting the P.C. muscles for ten second intervals a few times a day will build on the muscles without strain. Squeeze the P.C. muscles alone without flexing the abdomen or buttocks. Work up to holding the squeeze for ten seconds with ten second breaks in between each flex. It is suggested that the maximum to attempt these exercises is three sets of ten intervals daily. Do not start with this amount; working up to this goal will have better long-term results.

Premature ejaculation can be easily solved; however, an early orgasm does not have to be the end of a love making session. Regardless of whom finishes first, always make sure all parties reach the finish line. This simple rule will take all embarrassment out of premature ejaculation.

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