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Depression Suppression - The potential causes and cures of an affliction that affects millions

Sane and even just reasonably well-adjusted people don’t seem to understand. Depression is not always a condition that someone can just ‘snap out’ of. It can become so severe and overwhelming as to be literally debilitating. The potential causes are endless. From ramifications of childhood traumas, stress of the work place, to marital troubles, depression can be triggered in an instant. Even when you are exhausted from excessive sexual activity, the emotional affliction can emerge due to the physical manifestation of bodily wear and tear, as well as the inherent depletion of the mood-regulating chemical, serotonin, which is spent during sex.
There is no doubt that depression can poison your life. And what’s worse, such negative disposition attracts negative energy. You may not even be aware of it, but your misery is attracting the wrong kind of company. It can be in the form of bad people, or just a bad aura. Either way, depression will damage your most precious relationships. People that love you, support you and want you to do well. It's incredibly hard to be successful when your mind is working against you, turning them off, and making everyday a struggle.
Sure, it’s no secret; millions of people suffer with similarly bleak feelings of despondency. Psychological problems could be influencing them, just as an unhealthy diet could be responsible for their mood alterations. Sadly, not all sufferers are able to professionally address the root causes of their illness, and many doctors are quick to prescribe ‘selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors’ (SSRI’s), antidepressants designed to improve mood. Unfortunately, many SSRI’s have side effects that can be detrimental.
Serotonin regulates mood, appetite, and sleep. It is especially known for its ability to produce feelings of contentment and happiness. This is why pharmaceutical companies make SSRI’s to control or moderate it. But there are ways to naturally boost your serotonin levels. First, simply try to think positive and be happy. Obviously, it’s easier said than done. But consider this – you weren’t born depressed. It was a condition that developed. It was learned. Isn’t it reasonable to assume that if you were to think positively often, that you might eventually adopt a healthier disposition?
Studies indicate that people with a serotonin imbalance tend to establish more negative emotions than others. It is very important to overcome this inclination. Self-defeatism can pull you down and is often able to keep you there, beaten. Give your mind and body the necessary rest. Stop excessive masturbation or overly frequent sexual activities. Don’t consume red meat and switch to foods that are low in fat and rich in fiber – this will get you started on a healthier path that will eventually lead to an improved emotional state. Exercise is important, as well. Work out regularly and be mindful of proper breathing. This will stimulate the natural release of hormones such as endophines, dopamine, and serotonin.
Possibly of the most profound importance to mental health is sleep. If you don’t get nearly enough, or the quality of your slumber is poor, the body and mind cannot fully recharge. An average of six to eight hours every night is ideal and should help you keep you mind clear and enable you to address your depression critically.
Also, adopt a habit of ejaculating four to five times a week. Don’t overdo it. This should help you avoid the massive unloading of serotonin that can lead to a ‘crash’ and depression. Consider taking natural herbs to help maintain a healthy neuro-chemical balance. An established remedy known as the Natural Calm Remedy & Peace of Mind is formulated to feed you with nutrients and herbs that contain optimal amounts of phyto-molecules and amino acids that are essential for emotional rejuvenation.
Whatever you decide to do, don’t let yourself be a victim of depression. There’s too much information, too many resources available to help you overcome it. If you believe you don’t want to overcome it, consider the likelihood that you are suffering from a chemical imbalance, as your mind is clearly working against you. Be aware. It may be hard to motivate yourself, but just check with a doctor, it could mean the way to a brighter outlook.

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