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Brain Foods for Sluggish Neurons and Over Active Libido
The brain is the control center for our body, our source of bodily movements, speech, emotion, inspiration, and lust; but sometimes our brain does not want to wake up and seize the day. When this occurs more often than not, we need help. The key? Brain foods. Yes, I said brain foods.

These include berries like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, fish, and assorted herbs that kick your brain into high gear and stimulate it to perform tasks that otherwise would have you down. 
Brain Food
A diet enriched with brain foods can cure your brain of sluggishness and depression caused by a lack of nutrients.
How does our brain become “lazy?” One cause is over masturbation or an excess of sexual activities. During sex, and peaking at orgasm, the chemical in our brain associated with motivation, dopamine depletes sufficiently and we are left feeling sluggish and indifferent. As you may know this quickly passes and you are able to move on with your day, but not for those who indulge in orgasms too often. The dopamine does not have time to replenish itself, levels fall significantly and distraction, memory loss, feelings of loneliness and loss of motivation induce.
When the brain is fueled with essential nutrients and amino acids, it is readily available to transmit axons, which are the signals that tell the body what to do and when to do. These axons pass through neurotransmitters and your body responds, in turn. Foods that trigger these brain functions include berries, which are packed with antioxidants, which remove toxins from the body and sort of “clean out” your system. Antioxidants keep your brain young, alert, and motivated. Yerba Mate, a tea that can be served hot or cold contains caffeine that keeps your body awake.

However, the caffeine in yerba mate is different from the caffeine in coffee. Coffee keeps you awake by sending the caffeine to the central nervous system. The caffeine in yerba mate has an effect on muscle tissue, so we can infer that yerba mate helps fight depression and fatigue caused by over masturbation. Licorice also helps to regulate sexual desires by slowing down hormonal breakdown in the liver and thereby suppressing overactive hormones and excessive libido.

Fish, especially salmon, mackerels, and sardines, contain high levels of DHA; an Omega-3 fatty acid that is also found in highly concentrated amounts in the brain. Eating these foods or taking a fish oil supplement daily can replenish the DHA in the brain and lead to greater memory ability and cognitive alertness.

These brain foods replenish and restore the brain to its’ youthful state, leaving you feeling motivated, focused, and happier. An over active libido, indulged by masturbation or extensive sexual activities severely depletes the brain of dopamine while disabling it from regulating these levels by increasing dopamine supply. To restore the brain, you must take in nutrients and amino acids common in brain foods to progress to a healthy way of life.

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