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Puny Pop-Gun or Mighty Mortar? – Sparing Yourself the Misery of Small Erections
I remember back years ago while I was attending college, I used to take a lot of courses purely out of interest. When I finally talked to a counselor for the first time, I found out that I should have been taking certain courses here, certain courses there, all in order to fulfill my general education requirements. That sure made me feel like a real boob!
When I’d finally come to my senses, I found some courses that I could take which I was both interested in, and that would fulfill GE requirements. One of those courses was one which covered European history and warfare. Since many of my ancestors are from Europe, it was only fitting.
I remember the professor, who was a pretty humorless character, very stern and dry in his delivery. I also remember that there were a couple of hot chicks that sat right in front of me. Of course, I barely noticed them most of the time…yeah, they weren’t distracting in their tight little bootie shorts and super-tan legs or anything.
How Women Think
One time we were covering different weapons of war, specifically cannons of the 18th and 19th centuries. The professor began by describing some of the smaller cannons, most notably the French Minion canon, which was quite small and only shot 5 pound cannon balls. One of the girls in front of me said how boring it was and that it reminded her of her ex-boyfriend (how he was small down there).
Eventually, we got around to beholding (it was a slideshow) the mighty Mallet’s Mortar, a British behemoth of a cannon which fired gigantic balls which weighed several tons each. The girls said “that’s more like it” or something to that affect, and giggled admiringly. I’ll never forget that.
Sad but True
Yes, just as in that class I had, no woman in her right mind is going to think a small or weak erection is sexy. The bigger the better – as they say. Unfortunately, thousands of men out there can develop a sexual dysfunction which cripples their ability to produce and/or sustain a hard-on.
Sometimes men can get carried away with themselves during sports activities and push their bodies to the limit in order to make that final touchdown, or learn a certain difficult martial arts move. This can result in injury to the groin, specifically to the penis.
Other times, guys might want to get kinky and try some super-cool-whacky-twister sex positions, and that can have the same results – a man can end up bending his penis at an angle it’s not supposed to go in. Can you say ouch?
Too Much Jacking
But the vast majority of erection problems are caused by too much jacking-off, plain and simple. While all of these harmful activities can result in weak erections, too much penis play can get you there the fastest. That’s because just like penis injuries, you can cause scar tissues to form within the tiny interconnected chambers in your penis, thereby blocking blood by entering, but you can also blow your body out.
When you masturbate chronically, you can drain it of neurotransmitters and hormones and cause your body to go into a sexually exhaustive state. Even if your penis wanted to get stiff, it won’t be able to at that stage since there is nothing to fuel a proper erection; you’re all tapped out, sir!
Reversing the Damage
In order to reverse this downward spiral of shame and embarrassment, taking powerful herbal remedies can go a long way in achieving that goal. (TRY: ViaPal-hGH-O for Erectile Rejuvenation) They contain botanicals such as Avena Sativa, Panax Ginseng, and Mucuna Pruriens, which help to deliver nutrients to damaged penile tissues as well as increase penile blood pressure.
Meanwhile, other herbs such as Eurycoma Longifolia, and Herba Cistanhis, can bolster your nitric oxide production (for sustained erection hardness), and also take the newly arrived nutrients and apply them directly to injured penile tissues and nerve endings.
Together these herbs form a synergistic effect that permeates throughout the body and can repair the entire hormone producing glands which may have been damaged as a result of chronic sexual exhaustion. So make “softies” a thing of the past and spare yourself the stress and anguish of yet another disappointing sexual encounter. Get your herbal penis panacea now!
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