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Natural Mama, Natural Baby - Healthy Happy Mama, Healthy Happy Baby
So you want to be a natural mama?
You have been ready for your baby, hoping, meditating on having a baby, taking good care of your body…but you still find that you have been experiencing irregular periods. You know that your body is releasing the necessary eggs to get pregnant, but you don’t know when. You have been trying to conceive and still no sign of pregnancy.

Help is near.
If your concern to pave the way for your natural motherhood is due to irregular periods, then let’s begin. 
Understand Your Cycle
First, a regular cycle is about 28 days with the egg traveling down the fallopian tube and ready to go on about the 14th day. If you are feeling that your menstrual cycle is a little longer or a little shorter that’s OK. Irregular cycles, unlike a normal, 28-day cycle, occur and end at random.
You can start spotting or bleeding between periods and even asking yourself, “When am I going to bleed?” On occasion you have a prolonged period of bleeding, longer than a week. If you are recently off of birth control pills, there may also be a buildup of excessive hormones in the system that is causing the natural balance of estrogen and progesterone to be off.
If you wish for a natural insemination, the body needs to balance its hormone levels.

The following can improve your chances to inseminate naturally: 
  1. Reduce Stress – Stress is a number one “offender” for many health concerns, so do a personal checkup to see what your stress factors are and how to cut back: breathing exercises, t’ai chi, and yoga are wonderful for stress management
  2. Reduce Toxins – Modern life has given us many luxuries, but processed foods contain chemically contrived ingredients that harm your body. Cutting back on processed foods containing preservatives and other chemicals from non-organic foods will purify the body and restore hormonal balance.
  3. Give the body a natural boost to get those hormones aligned. Consider some natural herbal supplement to help the physical body get back on track. 
As herbs help the physical body regenerate and restore balance, there are 3 key herbs to focus on.
  • Squawvine is good for a healthy uterus for toning and reducing spasms
  • Red Raspberry- also good for improving uterus health and reducing the side effects of fertility drugs
  • Chasteberry- normalizes ovulation
These 3 herbs work together to get your reproductive system back in balance. Together they form a Natural Reproductive Tonic Formula to improve fertility.

Be gentle with yourself. A natural mama is in balance and flow. You’ll get there as your body re-aligns its cycle in time with a healthy, gentle, relaxing routine and perhaps with some positive affirmations

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