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Why Your Penis is Preventing You from Multitasking
Multitasking is more than just a 21st century buzzword. It's an apt description of how we've evolved as a species in recent years. In this technological Golden Age, we live our lives with a tablet in one hand and a smartphone in the other, while a computer screen displays multiple browsers and applications directly in front of our faces.

Multitasking equals productivity, but if you suddenly find yourself struggling to balance multiple projects simultaneously, your penis may actually be to blame (what else is new, right?). 
Excessive Masturbation – Is It Hurting Your Brain?
You've heard the expression, “Thinking with your other head.” Well, that's pretty much what's going on here. Excessive masturbation can actually have an impact on your cognitive function. You lose the ability to concentrate, and before you know it, you're struggling to focus on just one task—so you can forget about multitasking. But masturbation is supposed to be fun and healthy, right? So what's the deal? 
Your Penis – Friend and Foe
First of all, let's establish that there's absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation. But as we've learned with fine wines and decadent desserts, too much of a good thing can definitely turn into a bad thing. With over masturbation, you have more than just chaffing to worry about. Excessive masturbation contributes to sexual exhaustion, and that further leads to inflammation of the nervous system and the accumulation of proteins that can actually destroy your brain cells. So next time you find yourself blanking out at your computer or forgetting where you left your keys, just blame it on that old “frenemy” between your legs. 
So Your Penis is Trying to Destroy You – Now What? 
Step one: Toss that Carmen Electra pictorial in the furnace and send it to the 9th circle of Hell where it belongs. 
Only kidding – though if you do find that your right hand gets more exercise than all of your other body parts combined, you may want to consider taking up some additional hobbies, if only for the sake of your healthy brain function.
But the good news is, you don't have to strap on a chastity belt to promote strong concentration and multitasking skills. Even if you have already suffered the scourge of cognitive impairment from over masturbation, you can improve your brain function with the help of specific herbs, like Fo Ti, Gotu Kola, Ginseng and Yerba Mate, just to name a few. These herbs help to increase the production of important neurotransmitters, and give your brain the kind of fuel it needs to stay strong even as it's forced to contend with your insatiable love of naughty nurses. 
Read on an in-depth breakdown on how these herbs work, and find specific products to turn your flaccid brain into an erect multitasking machine (pun absolutely intended).
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