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Dating an Older Women: Things to Consider
It’s every high school boy’s dream: seducing the hot teacher. Teenagers want to live this exotic fantasy of seducing an older woman, and men who fulfill this dream earn the respect and admiration of their peers.
While movies may glorify the act of men seducing older women, most ladies will want to go on a few dates with a younger guy before going to bed with him, and for guys attempting to navigate the road to the bedroom, a few challenges may stop them from reaching their goal.  
Things To Watch Out
The Stares: Depending on her age (and your own), you may get some awkward stares while out in public. Men who wish to avoid the uncomfortable stares should do two things: Prepare themselves for the discontent of the general public and avoid focusing on the disapproval of people. If you show your partner that you’re uncomfortable with her in public, she’ll never call you again. Ever.
Dress Attire: If you fear the stares, dress a few years ahead of your time. Polish up your dress shoes. Throw on a dress shirt, and grow out some facial hair to look a few years older. You never know, a lady may enjoy your improved look. If you’re holding hands with your older mama while wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt, expect some stares.
Age: Women are sensitive creatures. If you draw attention to her age, expect her insecurities to crowd her mind. Calling her a cougar or a MILF may not make for the most wisest word choices. Some ladies may view these words as degrading.
Boundaries: What do you want from her? Sex? Exploration? A meaningful relationship? Discuss your and her needs early on so neither feels hurt when things change.
Topics of Conversation: Talking about your favorite video game or about topics she would deem more appropriate for her son is a turn off. She wants to date a man—not a boy. Keep the conversations appropriate.
Maturity: Again, this issue relates to the topics of conversation. She wants to know you’re a mature, responsible individual. Making sneering comments or committing immature actions will win you no praise.
While you aim to explore your sexuality or find a suitable lover, understand that dating an older woman will require different tactics. Your immaturity or inappropriate topics will end with her never calling you again. If you wish to date someone your senior, understand the limitations and expectations ladies set.

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