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Compensating Speed for Libido - Is buying a Ferrari at 60 an act of frivolity… or crisis?

When Louie bought his brand new Ferrari FF shortly after his 60th birthday, his family had a slight panic. Though Louie was not retired, the car cost a whopping $295,000, nearly ten times the cost of even his most extravagant expense to date, a two-month trip around the world with his wife, Laura.
Laura noted that Louie had been moody and distant at the time of the sports car purchase, but she just couldn’t accommodate his behavior change with affection and understanding as she had just entered menopause and was experiencing similarly dismal feelings. “When the kids graduated school and eventually moved out and became self-sufficient, Louie and I were in heaven”, Laura said, “We started taking trips and enjoying each other again. But it wasn’t long before we both started feeling the effects of aging and became distant."
Laura said that problems started when Louie began to feel less important at work. He was no longer making the big decisions and sometimes wasn’t even included in certain business meetings. As he explained, “All of a sudden, work wasn’t keeping me entirely busy, and I had all this time to reflect… then I felt like I hadn’t accomplished all I set out to when I was younger”
Louie initiated an ill-fated gym routine. He admits that he was lethargic, and couldn’t get his weight below 225 lbs. Discouraged, he checked out hair replacement options, but opted instead to wear a hat – all the time. “I just thought I looked younger with any one of my baseball caps” he admitted. It soon became clear to his coworkers and family that he was changing. Previously reserved, he was now irritable, cocky – and flirty.
For the first time since they were married, Louie strayed. He and his 30-year-old secretary began a tryst that would last two years. “I started to suspect something was amiss when he started taking business trips” Laura lamented, “he hadn’t had to go out of town on business in years. I didn’t want to confront him or deal with it. I just watched soap operas and ate my days away”
It all came to head, however, when traveling with his secretary in his Jaguar, Louie received a DUI. He was placed in jail, and needless to say, his affair was no longer a secret. The judge demanded AA meetings for Louie and also recommended psychiatry sessions. Louie obliged. He underwent a medical physical and blood work was performed. His doctor informed him that his  weight, depression, and outlandish behavior might be attributed to what was found to be excessive aromatase and an imbalance of testosterone.
Louie was one to rarely even take an aspirin, so he sought out natural solutions to the disorder. The wife of one of his best friends, whom Louie considered a ‘new-ager’, recommended the Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive herbal formula. Within weeks, Louie started feeling better, rejuvenated and spry.
The psychiatric consultations recommended by the judge segued into marriage counseling. The results have been no small success. Today, Louie is retired and he and Laura are inseparable pals… and lovers. “I really believe the Jurassic Elixir had a lot to do with it” Louie proclaims happily, “Things came into focus. I realized what was really important. I lost weight with exercise and my libido returned and I really enjoyed being with my wife again”. Laura echoes the proud sentiments, “We ended up working through this together. He was so tired and depressed… it all seemed impossible. But after taking the herbal formula, his health rebounded. The counseling sessions got us back on track and we’re happier than ever!”

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