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22 Seconds in Paradise – The Most Interesting Facts About the Male Orgasm
The male orgasm is perhaps the single most important aspect of any man's life, and yet you bring up the subject at just ONE fancy dinner party, and suddenly you're the creepy guy in the room. Men have fought bloody wars, conquered kingdoms and even subjected themselves to ridiculous metrosexual wardrobes all in the hopes of achieving this holy grail of sexuality. 
Well, dinner parties be damned! We're going to talk about the male orgasm, and we're going to outline some of the most interesting facts about it. Just think of this article as the special that you won't see on the Discovery Channel. And prepare yourself: things are about to get sticky. 
The Best 22 Seconds of Your Life 
Did you know that the average male orgasm lasts 22 seconds? According to a recent report from the Huffington Post, that's four seconds longer than the average female orgasm. When you think about it, it almost seems unfair that it takes us about two minutes to achieve 22 seconds of ecstasy, while women sometimes have to wait half an hour just to experience those initial tingles of bliss...right as we roll over and fall asleep. 
Just a Spoon Full of Semen
If we're being honest with each other, a male ejaculation is not a pretty sight. A powerful orgasm resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man exploding across Manhattan at the end of “Ghostbusters.” But it may fascinate you to learn that only about 2 to 5 percent of seminal fluid actually consists of sperm. So what about the rest of the fluid? Most of an ejaculation contains neurotransmitters like serotonin, oxytocin, cortisol and alkaline fluid from the prostate. 
And yet those few (million) sperm inside the 2 to 5 percent of an ejaculation have to endure quite a long journey in pursuit of an ova. When first ejaculated, sperm can actually reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. So be careful where you point that thing. You could put an eye out. 
Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Very Bad 
Do you love to achieve an orgasm? Stupid question, I know, but does your love of the “big O” cause you to spend a few extra minutes in bed, the shower or in front of the laptop every single day?

Excess masturbation can actually deplete important hormones and neurotransmitters that lead to sexual dysfunctions. Among other things, you cause testosterone to convert to DHT, a stress hormone, at a dangerously high rate; the higher DHT stays, the more prone you become to penile pain, ejaculatory problems and even acne (see, your breakouts weren't caused by M&Ms after all). So remember, shorter showers save a lot more than just water. 
Premature Ejaculation – Your Own Brain May Be the Cause 
If you've ever experienced the scourge of premature ejaculation, you know that it's more than just a little embarrassing. It can make sex far less fulfilling, and it can even kill your love life. There are some physical causes, but most often, the problem is stress-related.

In fact, the number one cause of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety. For once, you actually do need to think with your little head, instead of the big one.

Nourishing herbs (SEE: Herbal Nourishing Pills For Your PE Problems) can help tremendously, but at the problem’s core, stress and self-confidence issues play a heavy role. So if you find yourself having to apologize for your sexual sprints, just take a deep breath, smile and relax a little.
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