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It's Not Your Fault – and Other Foolish Myths of Premature Ejaculation

We judge our own sexual prowess—and by extension, our manhood—by our ability to please our partners. So there's nothing worse than ejaculating as your partner is warming up, getting in the mood or taking off her shirt. Believe it or not, a sizable majority of women prefer it when sex is fun for them, too. But before we resolve the causes of premature ejaculation, we need to put some of the common myths to rest.

Myth #1: Ejaculation Is Out of Your Control
Contrary to what you'd like to believe, your penis is not Old Faithful, randomly spurting to the heavens whenever it wills. A healthy adult male has control over his ejaculation much in the same way that he has control over his bladder.

Of course, learning to control this function requires some practice and discipline, and if you absolutely cannot hold an ejaculation, you may be suffering from an underlying problem. 

Who Does P.E. Effect? Men of all ages, from teens to men in their 60s and 70s.

Why Does P.E- Occur? According to studies, P.E can occur because of love levels to GABA and serotonin, neurochemicals that control the norandrenergic sympathetic nerve function from overpowering the parasympathetic nerves that prevent an ejaculation.

What Can Be Done? All-natural herbs, such as Passion Flower, Cornus and Os Draconis reduce anxiety and improve ejaculatory valve strength.

Myth #2: Premature Ejaculation Is No Big Deal 
Many guys make the critical mistake of assuming that premature ejaculation is an isolated problem, most likely psychological. Besides, you've likely said, “I just get a little over-excited sometimes. Sooner or later, I'll get bored of having sex with the same partner, and then I'll be able to go all night.” If only that were true.

Premature ejaculation can be psychological, but more often, it occurs from a physical problem. And even if there is a psychological component, your partner is not going to take much comfort from hearing that the sex will get better for her as soon as it stops being good for you. Women are funny that way (and men too, if that's your preference). 

Myth #3: You Can Cure Your Premature Ejaculation With the Help of Creams and Sprays Sold at the Local Sex Shop. 
The answer to this one is just a flat out “no!” As the Boston Medical Group has pointed out, these snake oils don't work at all. All they do is numb the head of the penis, making sex less enjoyable for both partners. If that's your goal, you might as well just douse your penis with pepper spray. You may want to kill yourself afterward, but at least you won't ejaculate prematurely. 

Myth #4: The Only Cure for Premature Ejaculation Is More Will Power 
If you've struggled for weeks, months or even years with premature ejaculation, you can get the problem under control by treating the underlying cause. If you have psychological issues, such as performance anxiety or difficulty with self-confidence, speak candidly with your partner, or talk to a professional counselor.

If the problem is more likely physical in nature, herbs like Passion Flower, Cornus and Os Draconis  work by repairing the parasympathetic nerves and improving levels of important sex hormones. Even if the sex is fun for you, just think of your partner. Nobody likes to be the recipient of 30-second drive-thru intercourse.
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