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Cocaine Makes Your Penis Limp & Soft
Regular cocaine abuse cannot only lead to problems that you have normally heard of but problems related to sex as well. Regular cocaine abusers suffer from a low sex drive and many of them have even claimed to become impotent. Although one of the most abused drugs in the world initially gives a feel of bettering lives, it can eventually turn your physical and emotional life upside down.

How Cocaine Kill Erection
Let’s see the ill effects of cocaine from the sex point of view. Cocaine negatively affects the brain as it takes over the parasympathetic and acetylcholine functions. These functions are related to pumping blood in the penis to sustain an erection. When the level of acetylcholine becomes low, the brain’s functions become disoriented. The levels of dilator cGMP and neurotransmitter nitric oxide also become supressed. The other side effects of cocaine abuse in terms of sex are penis shrinkage and less number of morning erections.
Regular cocaine abuse also leads to erections becoming softer. This symptom is a result of erectile dysfunction caused by low levels of testosterone. As a result, the abusers penis begins to stay limp and it becomes difficult to have quality sex.

Stop It
In order to get rid of these symptoms, the person must first learn to stop the abuse of cocaine. He should make other changes in his lifestyle such as refraining from alcohol as far as possible. He should not go for any temporary solutions such as penis pumps and cock rings as they do more harm than good. A well maintained diet should be the order of the day. Exercising should also be done on a regular basis.
There are herbal solutions as well that can reverse the negative symptoms. These botanical solutions help to keep erectile dysfunction in check by restoring the testosterone levels in the brain. The person will be able to get those rock hard erections in a short period of time. With these herbal remedies the penile nerves and penis corpora become rejuvenated. Apart from benefits for the penis, there are other benefits as well, such as increase in the liver’s capability to detoxify the body from cocaine withdrawal.
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