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Key Ingredients Essential for Penis Growth—The Secrets Most Men Neglect

It's safe to assume that any man wouldn't mind a few extra inches added on to their love muscle.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it also gives a man a certain confidence that could never be attained by a simple designer suit or a super sleek car. Unfortunately, when a man goes looking for those extra couple of inches, he could easily be faced with some painful options. 

Penis Growth History
Before penis pumps, extensive surgery, and natural herbal remedies the ancient Egyptian pharaohs would have small weights attached to their penises to stretch the muscle.

As far as penis length, this method was truly a penile wonder. However, this weighted practice would also decrease the girth of a man’s penis and damage internal cells. A chain reaction would soon occur; sensitivity would be lost, chambers within the penis would be damaged, and powerful erections would be lost.
African tribes followed thereafter, trying to rectify the Egyptian's previous failure by using clay weights. They quickly learned the damaging outcome of weighting and began experimenting with herbs. The Chinese also followed soon and the benefits of horny goat weed and ginseng were introduced. 
Pumping Pain
In the early 1900's the penis pump was invented and by the mid 70's it was an in demand item for men looking to rise with the times. The pump claimed to be able to improve girth in a man's penis. The painful truth is that pumps will give the illusion of being bigger for a time, but will soon cause blood vessels in the penis to rupture and bruise the delicate tissue.  
Herbal Rival
The Chinese and African tribes were on to something big. They understood that treatment had to begin inside one’s body instead of trying to create enlargement through outer means. They realized that a botanical concoction for penile tissue rejuvenation and growth was the key ingredient needed to achieve their goal.
By the 1980's we became well aware of how to utilize natural herbs to not only increase the length of the penis, but also build girth and width. Not only have we found a much safer a natural way to increase the size of a man's most prized possession, we've also learned about herbs such as cuscuta.

Cuscuta produces an extra reserve of nitric oxide which helps to promote a harder and fuller erection.

It is beyond obvious that men have been concerned with swelling the size of their penis since long ago. From the archaic weights to the modern pump, men have always wanted a bigger and harder penis. Thankfully, with the help of innovative medical science extracting the powerful ingredients from natural herbs, this dream is very well attainable.

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