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Powerful Prostate Care Supplements For Active Lifestyle
An Active Sexual Lifestyle Can Present Problems
Most men have a voracious sexual appetite. Some like sex four to five times a week. Others like sex four to five times a week with masturbation sessions peppered in between. While sex is considered a healthy activity that burns about 85 calories per hour, sex can also cause some insidious side effects for overly active males.

What It Is Formulated To Do:
Formulated to Fix Painful and Bloody Ejaculation Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Painful ejaculations, lower back pain, a slow-starting urine stream, blood in semen and early ejaculation are all signs of sexual exhaustion. Sexual exhaustion can also lead to an enlarged prostate. Excessive stimulation of the genitalia results in neruochemical imbalances that harm the prostate gland unexpectedly. For example, prostaglandin E-2 concentrations mixed with prostatic fluid of healthy men were found to be significantly lower than in patients with Prostatitis. [1]


Revive Your Neuro-Endocrine Function
Powerful Prostate Care Formula will help you rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and harmonize your prostaglandin E-1, prostaglandin E-3 and nitric oxide production.  Here’s an herb breakdown to understand the purpose and usage of each ingredient:
Poria, known to protect against damage from intracellular oxidation, helps prevent early cell death or mutation. Traditional Chinese Medicine has also documented Poria's strong, tranquilizing effects that allow a man to calm his mind and quell the urge for sexual activities. [2]

Ginger contains 5-LO inhibitors (24 phytonutrient inhibitors), according to the USDA and major university phytochemical databases.

Pomegranate has been shown in university studies to slow the growth of prostate cancer.The fruit of the black pepper plant can significantly enhance the bioavailability of various supplemented nutrients that heal the prostate.According to recent German research, Lycopene from Tomatoes may be able to inhibit the growth of prostate tumors.

Pumpkin Seed and Pygeum extract taken with Saw Palmetto improves urine flow and prostate health. 

Urtica Dioica extracts (commonly known as Nettle) contain various phytochemicals that are known for their anti-inflammatory effects on the prostate. Nettle contains chemicals that may prevent or delay the growth of prostate cancer cells by interfering with an enzyme involved in hormone conversion. When used in conjunction with Saw Palmetto, the herbs demonstrate profound clinical benefits.

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