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Muira Puama: It's Nature's Orgasmic Replenishment
As women, we all know the countless difficulties and hurdles we face because of our ever-changing bodies. If we're not coming into womanhood we're going through the change. If it isn't cramping that's getting you down, you can bet your bottom dollar the hot flashes are not far away. It's discouraging, but our one saving grace is the special type of orgasmic bliss that only we can experience.
You see, after a man ejaculates their bodies go through what can only be describes as, 'A mini morning period.' After a male has experienced climax, they usually need a good twenty to thirty minutes in order to fully recoup. Some men experience a heavy sense of sexual exhaustion after a climactic ending, others may complain of hyper sensitivity in their genital area. Men who are up and ready for another go right after they have ejaculated are an incredibly rare find.
Feeling Burnt Out
Miraculously, most women are able to continuously enjoy orgasm after orgasm without having to stop and collect themselves each time. That's right ladies! Turns out, we aren't handed the short end of the stick on this one. . . But of course there is a catch.
The Catch
Some women do experience some initial failure to launch. Usually this type of orgasmic dysfunction can be attributed to drug use, birth control, or alcoholism. The most common being birth control use. This is because orgasm difficulty is directly related to hormonal imbalances. Birth control causes a shift in the female sex hormones almost immediately.
The way birth control is able to actually do its job, is by tricking your mind into thinking you are pregnant. It does this by flooding the mind with the synthetic female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Once the brain becomes aware of this significant spike in hormones, it will send a message to the ovarian function to shut down.
Once the extra amounts of estrogen and progesterone have done their job, they then need to be expelled from the body. It is the liver's responsibility to break down the hormones and release the enzymes. However, when there is a considerably larger amount of synthetic hormones that need to be disposed of, the liver can get pretty backed up.
What Is Muira Puama
Women who take herbal remedies that have been infused with the herb Muira Puama will be pleasantly surprised with the helping hand it has on the female libido.  Studies have concluded that Muira Puama actually has the power to level out hormonal imbalances. It also does the liver a great service by lending some much needed help in the detoxification process.
For women who feel they are having problems climaxing because of their birth control use, I would recommend taking a much needed break. Going off of your birth control for about three weeks every six months, can greatly increase your liver's turn-over rate. Not only will this help to balance out your hormonal levels, it will also give your liver the time it needs to keep up with the influx of synthetic hormones.
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