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Embarrassing Sex Questions Guys Are Afraid To Ask
When it comes to sex, we've got it under control, right? As guys, we have been studying for this exam our entire lives. We know what goes where, and we certainly understand what we're trying to accomplish in terms of mind-blowing, physical bliss. And yet, the more we think we know everything, the more stupid we end up looking and feeling. Sex is far more complex than we like to give it credit for, and even the most confident guys are afraid to ask some of the tough questions. Well, it's time to lift the veil off of sex and to bring some clarity to a few of the major sexual anomalies that men commonly grapple with.
Don't be embarrassed. Aside from the NSA, nobody even knows you're reading this right now. If any of these issues seem to relate to you, you'll be happy to learn that you're not alone; plenty of guys are just as messed up as you are.
Masturbation – How Much Is too Much?
This habit can vary from guy to guy and can even be influenced by factors like age and personal immunity. However, excess masturbation can be dangerous because it causes an overproduction of inflammatory hormones, contributes to nerve and blood vessel damage, and leads to severe inflammation of the prostate and urethra. Try to limit the activity to three or four times a week as a general rule of thumb.
Why Can't I Last More Than Five Minutes With My Partner?
Numerous issues can influence your stamina levels. If you have performance anxiety, your brain will trigger fight-or-flight responses that cause you to ejaculate quickly in order to flee from the perceived danger. So relax and just enjoy sex. Sure, some physical aspects are at work here. For example, if you masturbate constantly, you may be enlarging your prostate, and that can ruin the control of your stream. So cut back on the self-love if need be, and consider taking a natural herbal treatment designed for premature ejaculation.
My Semen Smells Strange – What's Going On?
Your semen should be basically odorless, and any abnormalities can be indicative of a serious problem. If you notice a change in odor, smell or consistency, the problem may be as simple as inflammation (for which I must once again recommend cutting back on the masturbation), or as serious as a sexually transmitted infection. Get yourself tested if you have been engaging in high-risk sexual behavior.
Do Girls Really Care About Penis Size?
Some do. Research has shown that women tend to find men with larger penises more naturally attractive, but even if you're below average, you can still bring a woman to total sexual bliss. Most women require some degree of clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and penetration is only a tiny part of the equation (and no, I wasn't making fun of your penis size when I used the word “tiny”).
My Penis Is Pretty Small – Is There Anything I Can Do About It?
Yes. There are herbal preparations that increase your body's production of human growth hormones. You may also want to familiarize yourself with Kegel exercises, which can improve the blood flow to your penis, thereby expanding the length and girth to maximum capacity.
How Can I Get My Girlfriend or My Wife to Try Anal Sex?
Yeah, good luck with that.
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