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Red Light, Green Light: The Stop-Start Method Helps Men Control Their Orgasms for Better Sex
Chase masturbated. This information isn’t particularly newsworthy – data from the University of Chicago suggests more than 60 percent of males under the age 60 masturbate with frequency. But it is this last word – frequency – that made a difference in Chase’s life.
“Everybody knows guys do it,” he says. “I once to spoke to a doctor who worried more about men who don’t masturbate than those who do.”
When Boy Meets Girl
When Chase began dating the woman in the cubicle next to him, he felt awestruck. His stomach flipped each time he saw her sexy smile or lean legs. While this made for interesting sexual tension between the two, it proved fatal to his performance in the bedroom.
“I couldn’t understand – Lisa was a total babe,” Chase remembers. “I wanted to jump into bed whenever we went out. But I couldn’t last more than a few minutes. I was so embarrassed.”
Chase used masturbation to stave off his orgasms during sex. This is a common practice among men because it relieves their immediate sexual desire so they can last longer in bed. But the frequency with which he masturbated only made things worse.
“I jacked off two or three times a day to keep my excitement down,” Chase says. “I performed fine when it was just me. Then I became anxious…I wanted to show Lisa I was a great lover. The anxiety gave way to worry, and a mixture of fear and excitement caused me to come too quickly every time.”
Her Side of the Story
Lisa agrees sex with Chase never lasted long enough for her to orgasm. “It struck me as odd,” she says, “because he was a really attentive lover. Foreplay was great. But as soon as intercourse started, he was a goner.”
With a little courage, Lisa broached the subject with Chase. She didn’t accuse him of being terrible in bed or tell him the sex was less than fulfilling. Instead, she asked a question: “Would you mind if we tried something a little different?”
“He instantly agreed,” Lisa recalls. “We went to bed, and I told Chase to lie back with his clothes off. Then I took his penis in my hand and started rubbing. He showed me what he liked, and I got a rhythm going. Just as he was about to come, I stopped. He stared at me in shock, but I shook my head and told him to wait. After a few moments, I did it again. Then a third time, and finally on the fourth round, I let him come.”
A Tactic to Build Stamina
Lisa wasn’t the cruel and seductive woman she sounds like. She used a real technique – the Stop-Start Method – to cure Chase’s premature ejaculation. (TRY: Herbal Companion for Stop-Start Method) This builds stamina by preventing a man from reaching his pleasure too quickly. It’s ideal to wait about a minute between rounds so a man’s arousal can effectively cool. The key then is to stop before his orgasm gets too close.
“It took some practice before we got it right,” Lisa says. “But the end result was worth the effort.”
For added measure, Chase complimented the Stop-Start Method with an all-natural herbal blend designed to increase testosterone levels. This is ideal for those with premature ejaculation because testosterone fuels desire, which in turn fuels erections. The harder his erection, the more control a man can exert over his orgasm.
“Knowing I can please a woman like Lisa is the greatest feeling in the world,” Chase says. “And the herbal blend has given me tons of energy. My sex life is completely changed.”
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