I Don't Want To Be A Loose Goose

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By Sasha Johnson Conditions: Women's Vaginal Looseness Age: 18 - 35

Are you losing vaginal tightness? Or is it all in your boyfriend's head?

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I have problems just like every other girl. Except, my problems are not the typical, “I hate my boyfriend because he’s a jerk.” No, see my problems are more—eccentric. My boyfriend and I have been having sex for eight years now. And the more sex we’ve had, the better it has gotten.

Except now, my boyfriend cannot orgasm with vaginal penetration. He can only orgasm with hand stimulation or anal penetration. And when I asked him why he could no longer orgasm, he said it was because I am too loose. Rather than calling him a sexist, selfish bastard, I want to find help, because he does have a point. So, what can I do too improve my tightness factor and his satisfaction level?


I have to admit, as a sexually active young woman, I would be a bit discouraged by your boyfriend's comments. No woman on the planet wants to be told she's lost any tightness down under. The first question I would have to ask is, 'Why do you believe you've become loose?' Is your partner very large? Or perhaps you've experienced a natural child birth.

Loosely Related
I would also like to put your mind at ease if, for any reason, you believe that frequent sex has loosened your vagina even further. There are many myths out there about tightness and looseness. People seem to believe that; a virgin will always be super tight, or that when we loose our virginity some elasticity will be gone forever. These myths could not be further from the truth.
The Truth About Vagina's
When our vagina's are not being stimulated via sexual arousal or childbirth, the muscle tissue there will stay tightly folded like a coil. Nervousness will make the vaginal musculature constrict even tighter.

You might have experienced this particular problem during puberty if you had issues inserting tampons. The tissue of the vaginal muscle is tight and clenched to start off with, and because most young girls are hesitant to touch themselves or are worried about anything being  inserted into their vagina's, the muscles contract even tighter. 
Big Girls
As mature women, we don't tense up when it comes to sex. As we become sexually aroused our vaginal muscles begin to relax a bit, in order to receive penetration without pain. If a woman feels 'too tight' during intercourse it's most likely because her body was ill prepared by her partner, or her nervousness has gotten the better of her senses. Once we are relaxed, the vaginal muscle will contract naturally.  

Having a healthy sex life will NOT permanently damage or stretch the vagina. No matter how often a woman has sex, this action of loosening while in a state of arousal and tightening there after happens without fail. 
Tight Sex Tips And Tricks
The next time you're getting down with your honey, let him get on top of you with his legs placed on the outside of yours. Once he's inserted himself inside of you, cross your legs tightly and let him take the lead on the thrusting. There are also some great herbs (see: VRD Formulation) that can help to regenerate and detoxify the vaginal muscle tissue. Herbs like milk thistle, dioscorea, and guarana will become your best friend in this loose situation.

What to do

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