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Masturbation vs. Concentration - How over masturbation can be the enemy of mental sharpness

Alack of concentration can be the result of countless factors. But it is particularly troublesome when it is caused by sexual exhaustion or the practice of over masturbation. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of books that detail methods of improving concentration, readers who suffer from sexual exhaustion simply cannot realize their full mind-power potential. No matter what, they still may have trouble concentrating.
Often, excessive sexual practices lead to mental exhaustion. This is caused by the depletion of various neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones that occur with each orgasm, and results in an imbalanced production of dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine, and DHEA. These molecules are crucial to several regions of the brain including the frontal lobes, cerebellum, and basal ganglia (regions that are integral to the development of motor skills, thought processes, and time management). When they are depleted or imbalanced, an inability to concentrate emerges.
The fact is, many regions of the brain must be coordinated in order to process memory, planning and concentration in order to exercise conscious control over the mental faculties. This is especially important for increasing memory retention, efficiency and productivity. It’s the frontal area of the brain that is responsible for our daily executive functions such as planning, problem solving, verbal reasoning, priority arrangement, and task management. The dorso-lateral section of the frontal cortex is particularly important as it organizes the sensory input from other parts of the brain, and collaborates with other regions to perform such executive functions.
Exhaustion caused by years of over masturbation can result in abnormally high levels of neurotransmitters and diminished levels of neuro-hormones. As a result, a sufferer will develop poor planning and decision-making abilities, an inability to troubleshoot or to remember vital elements, and difficulty concentrating.
This dangerous side effect of over-masturbation indicates that the brain is drained of the chemical acetycholine, which is very important to the central nervous system. Over-masturbating can also drain acetycholine from the motor nerves, neuro-muscular endings, and tissues, replacing it with the stress-inducing adrenaline. This adverse substitution invokes absentmindedness, memory loss, and a lack of concentration. It was with these facts in mind that natural remedies such as the Enlighten Solution for Mind Performance & Time Management were designed to help improve the concentration of affected individuals.

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