Male Menopause - Is It A "Low Blow"?

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Generally, Menopause is a condition that affects adults who are approaching mid life. In the past, it was a well-known condition that women experienced, but researches are finding out that men are also victims. The condition comes with many symptoms including, fatigue, lack of sex drive, and depression.
Male Menopause, also known as Andropause, may occur from the ages of 35 to 40, during which a man experiences hormone changes. And because the issue alters hormones, science cannot provide a permanent cure.
Cause:  Why Does This Happen
Male Menopause occurs because of a decreased level of testosterone. Normally, when men grow older, the level of hormones decreases. When levels of testosterone decrease, SHBG, known as Sex Hormone Binding Protein, increases. With an imbalance of SHBG levels, the body cannot support and promote proper sexual function.
Symptom: Low Sex drive
When a male is going through emotional changes in his life, it affects his confidence to perform sexually. However, it is not the mind that triggers the problem, but his lack of sexual appetite due to his low count of testosterone.
Solution: Low Sex Drive As A result of Male Menopause
According to the Geriatric Society, researchers reported that “it [Male Menopause] rests in the health condition of older men rather than a decreased testosterone level.” Decreased hormone levels may not always lead to lower sexual inhibitions, but the physical state of the body can.
The best form of recommended treatment is herbal medicine. While the sexual appetite of the body has a lot to do with actual physical performance, herbs can increase a male’s sex drive. These have zero side effects and are 100 percent natural. The constituents in these herbs include:
Male Menopause has become a notable condition, but the treatment rests on identifying the symptoms and ensuring that men take the right herbal medicine to restore their bodies to acceptable performance.

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Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive

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