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Pump It Up and Watch It Grow: A Penis Pump Combats Erectile Dysfunction and Increases Size
Neal’s house overlooks a lake. He is a natural outdoorsman and fishes every Saturday morning. His girlfriend prepares anything he catches, using Neal’s healthy appetite as an excuse to show off her culinary skills. The quietude of life on the river suits Neal – he is not a fan of bustling cities or noisy crowds. Instead, he is a self-proclaimed man’s man. He likes to hunt, cut the grass and drink cold beer.
But one trait seems to belie his masculinity. At 26, Neal battled weak erections, a condition he blamed on his small penis. That is, until he bought a penis pump. Now, those days of measuring under 5 inches are gone.
The Conversation
Neal: Everyone says it’s not the size that matters but the way you use it. That’s true, but you can’t discount size. I know because I lived with a small penis. It takes away your confidence and, in my case, doesn’t get as hard as it should.
Us: What was it like when you and your girlfriend made love?
Neal:It was satisfying…I mean, it always felt good. But I felt like my girlfriend was missing out. She would only orgasm during sex, and I worried that was my fault because my penis was inadequate.
Us: What do you mean by inadequate?
Neal:When a man’s penis doesn’t get hard for sex, the experience isn’t as fulfilling as it should be. I never really got hard. My girlfriend tried a bunch of techniques, but the best I could do was a semi-erection.
Us: Did you talk to her?
Neal:I tried, but sex is a difficult subject. I didn’t want her to think she was the problem, because she wasn’t. I was afraid she was going to leave me.
Us: So you bought a penis pump?
Neal:Yeah. I knew a guy who always used one before sex. He said it felt like a blow job. So I bought one to try. I figured if it felt that good, the least it would do was put me in the mood for sex.
Us: Did you try it?
Neal:One night before coming onto my girlfriend. I didn’t tell her about it. I just went in the bathroom and slid it over my penis. Then I began pumping air into the cylinder where my penis fit. (SEE: Beginner's Guide to Penis Pumps)
Us: And?
Neal:My friend was right – it felt really good. But the weird thing is it worked. The first few pumps didn’t do much, but as I pumped more, I could feel my dick getting bigger. It also felt harder. Up to that point, I’d never had a full-on erection. I couldn’t believe the difference between my puny erections and the one I got with the penis pump. I felt huge.
Us: What else did you notice?
Neal:The sex was amazing. I remember thinking to myself, so this is how it should be. I could feel my girlfriend wrapped around my penis – we fit together much better because I was bigger and harder.
Us: Did she notice the difference?
Neal:Oh, yeah. She noticed right away. That was the first time she orgasmed during sex. Before, she would only come if I rubbed her clit. But that night everything was perfect.
Us: Have you used it again?
Neal: I use it every time before we have sex. It’s become part of our routine, like a stage of foreplay. All the anxiety and tension I once felt about sex is gone. This is the best way I’ve found to combat erectile dysfunction. I’d recommend a penis pump to any man.
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