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A Premature Infatuation – What's Considered Too Fast?
It's the question that you're dying to ask but are probably afraid to learn the truth about: How fast is too fast? No, I'm not talking about finishing the SATs, or saying the words “I love you.” I'm talking about the other know.

The thing in the bedroom, with the sweating, and the moaning, and the two minutes of ecstasy. Okay, if the “two minutes of ecstasy” part didn't cause you to raise an eyebrow, you may have an issue with premature ejaculation. In fact, if you're even reading this article after having Googled the question “How fast is too fast?”, the answer is probably, “About as fast as you're going...maybe even a bit slower.” But let's break it down a bit more. 
Leaving Your Partner Record Time 
Ejaculation is a beautiful thing. If we spent more time ejaculating and less time fighting wars, we would truly have world peace (we would also have sore penises). But there's an old saying in travel circles: It's about the journey, not the destination.

If you're completely focused on the end goal, you're going to miss 90 percent of what makes sex so great: The intimacy, the contact, the subtle tingles and vibrations. Contrary to what many men believe, it's not simply about “getting your rocks off.” But the worst part about premature ejaculation is what it does to your partner.

You may feel relaxed from head to toe, but your partner is forced to lay there with an itch that just hasn't been properly scratched. That's bound to put a damper on the old love life. 
So how long do you last during intercourse? Can you go for half an hour or longer? Congratulations, you're a rare breed, and your partner must think you're quite the tiger. But chances are, you scoff at the notion of holding your semen through 30 minutes of lovemaking.

Can you go for 20 minutes? If so, you're still doing better than a majority of men, but you have moderately premature ejaculation. Do you ejaculate within 10 minutes? If so, I hope you earn a lot of money, because you're not going to keep a partner based on your sexual prowess. Do you ejaculate within 5 minutes? If so, it's a miracle that you're getting sex at all. 
To the poor individual on the receiving end of your sexual sprint, that's just not even funny. Most people can't even finish a decent bowel movement in 5 minutes, and unless your penis has the Midas touch, it's not going to satisfy even the most sexually sensitive partner in that amount of time. It's time for some penile CPR. 
Improving Your Finishing Times 
Depending on where you find yourself on the premature ejaculation scale, you may be feeling sad, very sad, or borderline suicidal. But there is good news. Premature ejaculation isn't some un-curable condition. There are things you can do to improve matters.

You can take relaxing herbs—like Gardenia and Os Draconis—to relieve your performance anxiety; you can practice Kegel exercises to strengthen your prostate; and you can work on holding your ejaculation so that you don't hit your final home run halfway into the first inning. 
When you feel like you're about to ejaculate, just squeeze your penis and hold it for about 30 seconds. Once you gain a mastery of this technique, you'll be able to go for hours. Your partner will be bragging to her girlfriends about you.

If nerves are your biggest issue, the herbal remedies can be especially helpful. Most important of all, just remember that sex is a marathon, not a sprint. So take it slow, and if things get really difficult, just picture your mother in lingerie. Works every time.
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