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The Older The Better: Sex After 35

Breaking it to her new boyfriend of 45 years old that his penis isn't satisfying is one huge terror...

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I recently just started to date an older man. I am twenty-six, and he is fifty-four. I've always dated out of my age bracket, but never to this kind of extent. When we have sex, I notice that it seems like he is struggling to stay hard. Sometimes he'll go completely limp. Is there anything to be done about this?


I can actually totally relate to your current situation. I myself, have never dated a man that was even remotely close to my age. I feel like men my age just lack a certain sense of maturity and direction. I can usually only find these qualities in men who are, at the very least, six to seven years older than I am.

The Swag Bag
However, like you mentioned before, there is the whole getting it up conundrum that must be dealt with. It is important to understand that these types of things happen every day. It's just how the circle of life operates. One minute you're able to go at it all night without so much as a water break, and the next your body's functions have come to, what feels like a screeching halt.
As far as turning back the clock on life, there really isn't much you can do. If you are looking to get up and on, without complications, then you've come to the right place!

Similarities In Aging
Everyone knows that men and women are not the same. We don't think the same, we don't react to things the same, and we definitely don't look the same when we're naked. So it is a bit surprising that we actually go through a lot of the same type of stages when aging.
When a woman reaches the age of about forty-five, her body will start the process of the final change she will go through in life. This big change is most commonly referred to as menopause. Essentially, what happens during this time is a loss of the female sex hormone called estrogen. When we were young, estrogen flowed freely through our bodies, oiling the intricate details that make up a woman. Once we start to enter into that big 'Change' process, it means that our estrogen levels are about to bottom out to levels that are an all time low for us.
Comparatively, most of the same thing will happen to a man when he reaches the age of fifty. Once a man hits his middle ages, he will start to experience a dropping level of the male sex hormone, testosterone. Just like estrogen is to women, testosterone is to men. It oversees things like stamina, and proper blood circulation to the genitals.
Go With The Flow
So how do we fix these rapidly decreasing levels of essential hormones? Well, the good news is that there are many natural remedies and herbs out there that will help to increase any blood circulation loss. Herbs such as Deer Antler and Horny Goat Weed, will greatly increase the amount of blood that is pushed into the chambers within the shaft of the penis. (TRY: Natural Enlargement for Older Men) This will give you a long lasting erection that will stay hard throughout the intercourse session.
These herbs have bettered the sex lives of many a man. They enable us not to be discouraged by our aging bodies, but to embrace the changes and work with them. Older men have always been championed as the best lovers out there, because of all the knowledge they have on what a woman really wants in bed, don't let that go to waste.
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