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The Venus Ejaculation Of The Female Persuasion

Learn about the differences between a regular female orgasm, and the art of female ejaculation.
Case #: 1628

My girlfriend and I have been having a discussion to determine whether what she is experiencing is either female ejaculation, or her just peeing. Whenever she uses a vibrator or when I use it on her she will "squirt,” which I think is female ejaculation. The fluid is clear and it soaks the bed. She on the other hand thinks it is urine. It has happened a few times now and she still believes it is urine and not female ejaculation. I have researched female ejaculation and it seems that I was right, it is female ejaculation. Is it possible that this could be urine? How about a way where she can control it?

Though it usually settles on the rare side, female ejaculation is actually completely normal. More than likely your girlfriend has nothing to fear unless she experiences urinary urgency or inflammatory pains that follow ejaculation. Much like the act of a male ejaculation experience, the female genitals will swell once engorged with blood. This will allow a large amount of clear fluid to be released once the body reaches climax.
Coming Or Going

For some reason many women are embarrassed to even entertain the idea of female ejaculation. Mostly because women believe their sexual partners will think of “squirting” as an unsightly sex act. They may also have a problem with the ejaculation because of the way it feels. Female ejaculation seems to be reserved only for the women who are able to completely get in touch to their primal desires.
How To Be Sure

Though you are right in the fact that female ejaculation is perfectly normal, there is a possibility that what your girlfriend is experiencing during intercourse is not the pleasurable ejaculation. You can, however, be sure that it is what you think by testing the waters so to speak. After you have engaged in sexual intercourse, you can check to see if the fluid that your girlfriend expelled smells of urine. You should be able to tell after about an hour has passed.
If the fluid that she has ejaculated does have the scent of urine, then what she is actually experiencing is female incontinence. In this case, she is unable to control her bladder during sex, and should make plans to see her doctor as soon as possible.
How To Fix The Big Pop

Luckily, in regards of not ejaculating any more, there are some great yoga poses she can do. The Aswini Mudra poses for instance, will help to revitalize the health of a woman's vaginal tissue. They have also been known to work better then kegels when it comes to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This will allow your girlfriend to have better control over the “squirting.”
When practicing these types of poses, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the exercise, and to perform them in a quite area of your home with a good amount of space.
If at any time during, or after intercourse your girlfriend shows signs of vaginal or lower abdominal pains, she should see her gynecologist immediately.

What to do

Advanced Aswini Mudra Yoga

Improved from Aswini Mudra, Advanced Aswini Mudra Yoga can help rejuvenate the health of vaginal tissue.

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