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High Cholesterol – Bad for the Heart, Bad for the Penis

Did you know that high cholesterol can actually hurt your sexual function, and even lead to impotence? It sucks, but it's true. Hear one guy's story, and learn about the connection.

Case #: 689


I'm a 57 year-old male, having trouble keeping an erection. History of cholesterol problems. No other problems to speak of. What can I do?


Weak erections can plague you for a number of reasons: too much masturbation, too much stress, an inflamed prostate, marijuana use or even prescription drug use. But assuming that none of these menu items apply to you, we can safely assume that high cholesterol may very well be inhibiting your healthy erections.

Human beings have two appetites: physical (a need for food) and sexual (a need for naked supermodels). It's interesting how one appetite can have a direct—and quite often annoying—impact on the other.

Food and Sex – The Yin and Yang of the Human Body

Here's a fun fact for you: if you abuse your sexual appetite, it can have an adverse effect on your dietary health. And if you abuse your physical appetite, it can have an adverse effect on your sexual health. You wouldn't think there would be a connection, but there is.

For example, if you masturbate too much, your body creates excess cortisol, which leads to hypertension and high blood sugar. And on the flip side (this is where we get to your issue), if you consume too much cholesterol and saturated fat, you may find yourself incapable of maintaining a firm erection.

Bad Diet = Limp Penis

Here's how it works. When LDL (that's the bad cholesterol) accumulates inside your body, it sticks to the blood vessels and interrupts the natural flow of blood. Healthy blood flow is needed to fill the chambers of your penis for an erection, but if high cholesterol is constricting that blood flow, your erections aren't going to feel so amazing. You might even liken them to a Happy Birthday balloon, 8 days after the party.

You may be able to improve your erections by getting your cholesterol under control, but I realize how difficult that can be, and it's also a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are ways that you can improve your erections quickly, while you work to manage your diet (SEE: herbal treatment for erectile problems caused by high cholesterol)

Stronger Erections – The Herbal Solutions

We need to get the blood flowing more readily to your penis again, and certain herbs—like Cistanche—will do just that. I would recommend a highly effective herbal tincture formula to improve your hormone levels and stimulate that flow of blood.

Now don't get me wrong. This isn't a substitute for eating a salad, but it can make an extremely useful supplement. After all, just because you're 57 years old doesn't mean you should have to retire your sex life.

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