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To Best Process Stress, You Must Replenish the Tanks
Shawn lived in a small town in Arizona. He’d passed his driver’s license test and practiced with his parents’ car whenever they had the time to help him. On his 18th birthday, his parents bought him his own car as a high school graduation present. He was so excited! He drove that car everywhere, always filled it up with high-quality gas and revved the engine at stoplights. A few weeks later, though, when he planned to meet some friends in Phoenix, the engine overheated and he had to cancel. Why? He hadn’t kept the coolant fluid full, and the car failed him at an embarrassing moment.
Like any other complex machine, your body requires more than just three square meals and eight glasses of water each day, especially if your lifestyle includes a large and varied number of stressors. Even if your job doesn’t make many physical demands, mentally-taxing activities will use up vital nutrients in your brain. And you may even find yourself unable to maintain your erection, or even achieve one when you need it.
Nature of the Problem
Your body is able to adjust its operations as needed. In times of stress, your body produces stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine to boost your physical performance levels in different ways. Norepinephrine speeds up your pulse (making erections easier to achieve), cortisol increases your blood sugar to fuel your racing heart, and so on. And for a short time, you can perform far beyond your usual limits. Your erection feels bigger and lasts longer than you thought possible, and your partner notices with enthusiastic approval.
However good it may feel, the body can't maintain that state for extended periods. Remember: you're burning through your body's supply of fuel and other important substances very quickly. If you don't replenish those substances, or let your body re-stock its own supply, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve that supercharged state again. And then your erections don't last or just don't happen at all, and you and your partner wind up frustrated.
Components of the solution
The first step is to acknowledge the problem. If you're sitting there right now, yelling “I'm not stressed!” at the top of your lungs at your screen... Well, you might want to re-think that assertion.
Next, consider your diet. Eating a different pizza every night does not constitute “variety,” and it certainly doesn't equal “healthy.” Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes and pumpkins. Skip that second cup of coffee and consider getting a taste for green tea. And in between, consider taking an all natural supplement to boost your body's stress-management hormones.

Finally, make it a habit to pay attention to your stress levels and learn to keep them under control. You can still push yourself in emergencies or when your partner is feeling particularly active, but you should get into the habit of keeping your body’s supercharging hormones well-stocked instead of expending them constantly.

Like Shawn, after he repaired the damage from his car's overheating and learned to check the fluid levels at least once each week, you'll find that taking a few minutes to take care of yourself is a small price to pay for reliable high performance whenever you need it.

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