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Getting Her to Watch Porn
Imagine your partner asking, no, begging you to watch a porno with her. Most guys would oblige, and would see the activity as a bonding opportunity—not to mention hot. But unfortunately, most ladies do not share a man’s voracious desires to watch porn.
No, most women think pornography serves as an outlet for the objectification of the human body. Good news, men: More sex pundits agree that pornography can prove beneficial to your relationship and your low sex drive. Only problem: getting your partner to watch porn with you.
Steps for Persuasion
Ease Into Porn With Romance Movies. Okay, most American-romance movies won’t be anything like a porno, but international films do mirror NC-17 movies. “Atonement” or “Breathless” both provide steamy sex scenes collated with love stories. You get your steamy sex scenes; she, a love story. After a few films, your partner may warm up to the idea of a full-on XXX film.
Tell Her You Want a Little Exploration. Really, this excuse can provide the perfect reason to watch porn. Just say, “Babe, I want to explore our sex life a bit with some porn.” Prior to asking, get her thoughts on porn. If she thinks pornography as an asinine way of objectifying women, don’t even bother mentioning porn. I repeat: DO NOT BOTHER.
Visit a Sex Shop Together. Sex shops riddle their shelves with toys, movies and books to enhance your satisfaction and pleasure. They too serve as the perfect places to drop the, “Hey, wanna watch porn with me?” line.
Persuading your partner in to watching porno can prove tricky, especially if she hates the idea. And not all men will earn the privilege of watching porn with their significant others. In fact, most women will be upset for you even asking. So before you ask, make sure you know her stance on porno.  

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