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John discovered that wetting his pants produced intense sexual pleasure. When he wanted to get aroused, he would wet his pants and lay there motionless, allowing the liquids to satisfy his urges. For men like John, the strange sexual fetish provided an obsessively fixated desire, one known as liquidophelia.

While your fetish may not produce arousal from such an eccentric obsession, men and women do experience sexual gratification from varying fetishes, from feet to boobs and latex to physical punishment.

Why Do We Experience Fetishes?

Well, scientists remain puzzled by why people experience these fetishes. Still, most people notice some type of fetish, whether it’s a sexual attraction to latex or a desire toward older woman, your sexual desires can be dependent on your personal interests. According to expert, these fetishes too can improve signs of impotence and low sex drive among women. 

Fetish Types

Hundreds of fetishes exist—some with names and others without. Experts classify fetishes into categories, for example

Media Fetishes: Materials are the obsession of some, and individuals can fantasize and obsess over items such as silk or latex.

Form Fetishes: The shape of the object provides an obsession for some. For example, some individuals may enjoy heels or lingerie.

Animate Fetishes: Animate fetishes fall under the class of objects that belong to a person: muscles, feet, hair, butts and breasts.

Strangest Fetishes

While most fetishes rank as normal and acceptable, others create a more eccentric obsession for males and females. The following fetishes rank among the strangest.

  • Forniphilia: A bit like bondage, forniphilia uses humans as a form of furniture for arousal. Never have people been happier from seeing a human pose as a chair.
  • Sacofricosis: For some individuals, public masturbation provides a thrill. Well people with sacofricosis find excitement from making holes in their pockets for the purpose of masturbating. Wanna play pocket pool?
  • Dendrophilia: “Tree Huggers” refers to environmentalist obsessed with saving the environment. Today, dendrophilia adjusts the term to literally mean tree lover. Yes, people with dendrophilia find arousal through hugging and making love to trees.
  • Frotteurism: Take public transportation in huge metropolitan areas, and you might spot an individual with frotteurism, sexual excitement from rubbing against a non-consenting person.
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