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The Endless Joys Of Womanhood: How PMS Can Ruin Your Life
For some ungodly reason, when I was younger I always wanted to be a grownup. I wanted to wear my mom’s high heels, I wanted to be able to put on tons of makeup, wear bras, and I really seemed to want to get my period already. If only I knew!
The first let down was the boobs. I quickly realized that wearing a bra was only fun during the 'picking out the first one process.' Everything after that was a completely uncomfortable let down. I'll admit, I did enjoy wearing real makeup out in public, but that also quickly became a chore as well. Especially because these days, if I showed up to a meeting without makeup on, I'd promptly be asked if I were sick. . .Or if I had pink eye.
I would have to say that the ultimate disappointment would have to be the whole 'bleeding vaginally for seven days each month,' thing. That one, I did not see coming. And when it finally did come, it hurt...a lot. I think it's highly cruel of ad agencies to promote tampon and feminine napkin products the way they do. Since I was thirteen I've experienced exactly a hundred and thirty-seven menstruation cycles, and not one of them was like walking on the beach in a blue flowing sun dress during dusk.
The Truth About Periods
The reality of the situation was that the intensity of the cramps I was experiencing was literally bringing me to my knees. I'm sure I vaguely remember my mother or one of my aunts complaining about their cramps, and thought “What's the big deal, it's just like a stomach ache.” And boy was I wrong. Of course the erratic mood swings, the mind numbing headaches, and the inevitable weakened state were no blue-dressed-walk-on-the-beach either. They just weren't as painful and debilitating as the cramping was.
Like many women, I tend to experience the worst of my PMS symptoms the day before and the first day of my period. After those two dark days of the month, everything usually settles into a more manageable annoyance. However, there are some women who experience the same high intensity of cramping throughout the entire seven days of menstruation. This can actually leave some unfortunate ladies bedridden during this time.
Unclasping The Cramping
Most women will turn to countless bottles of aspirin and PMS specialty pills for immediate relief. Sometimes the pain of the cramps is just so blinding that we just don't realize the multiple times we down those quick fixes, leaves behind a harmful residue within our livers. Usually, the liver is able to easily discard the things like aspirin and synthetic hormones found in birth control, such as estrogen and progesterone. However, during that dreaded time of the month, we can get a little too heavy handed when it comes to the quick fixes. The liver is unable to keep up with the assault of these types of medications, and buildup begins to form.
To any woman who is looking to cut back on the liver damage, I would definitely suggest Cramp Bark. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for PMS Symptoms Relief) Cramp bark is a great, natural menstrual pain reducer. And with the help of other herbal ingredients such as Blessed Thistle and False Unicorn Root, the bark will also reduce menstruation irregularities and lessen heavy bleeding.
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