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Feed the Body through the Eyes: Watching Sexually Explicit Movies Provides Instruction, Inspires Creativity and Keeps Sex at the Forefront
Like all the women in her family, Alexa was a self-proclaimed introvert. She bore this trait with considerable grace even into adulthood. Then, when she became involved with Josh, she knew it was time for some personal growth.
“I met Josh right after college,” she explains. “He was serious, like me, and a little intense. These traits carried over to the bedroom – he was really passionate about sex.”
An Expose of Love
Alexa and Josh experienced a meeting of the minds that had nothing to do with romance, but the strength of their connection gave way to a great love affair. The only obstacle was in how they each perceived sex. Alexa wanted slow seduction, Josh wanted kinky exploration.
“He gave me what I wanted the first six months we were together,” she says. “He knew I wasn’t ready for anything wild or risqué. My other partners had been short-lived and fairly tame, so I was never able to bridge the gap between pleasure and comfort.”
Josh gave Alexa her first orgasm by listening to her needs. In turn, he asked that his own needs be satisfied. By explicitly telling Alexa what he wanted, he kept their lines of communication wide open. It was only fair, then, when she told him she couldn’t satisfy him because she didn’t know how. His solution? Visual aids in the form of DVDs. (TRY: DVD's for Sexual Spark Enhancement)
Exploring with the Eyes
“One of Josh’s fantasies was anal sex, to which I said ‘I’m going to need help,’” Alexa tells us. “I was at first worried that watching men and women have sex would embarrass me. But it actually helped me relax. I couldn’t wait to get into bed and do exactly what the couples on our TV were doing.”
To explore anal sex, Josh and Alexa rented several adult feature films. As Alexa says, they tried to steer away from “cheesy” porns and instead opted for movies with graphic sexual scenes.
“We learned more than we bargained for,” Alexa explains. “The movies spared no detail. We saw everything from oral sex techniques to proper lubrication for anal sex. But it wasn’t a step-by-step presentation. We learned these things by watching seamless scenes in which two people enjoyed raw and exhilarating sex. They talked to each other in low, dirty voices and came without fear. Of course I was turned on.”
Josh and Alexa quickly developed their own way of having anal sex. The videos taught them proper safety and also inspired their imaginations.
“Unexpectedly, the movies gave us pointers on foreplay, new intercourse positions and role-playing. They showed us that sex doesn’t have to be a 10- or 15-minute activity with orgasm as the only intended goal. Instead, sex can be a way of life, something that allows you to explore your lover’s mind and body,” Alexa explains.
Developing New Fantasies
As time progressed, Josh and Alexa continued watching sexually mature films. The films always left them hungry for more, so neither became bored, and fueled them with increasingly new ideas. “The DVDs we watched expanded our minds. We considered everything – sex outside, in a public place and even in the backseat. We replicated what we saw the actors doing, but it was always new for us.”
The best part for Alexa was learning to feel comfortable with herself and her own needs. “I had never realized how exciting sex can be,” Alexa says. “When I began having fantasies of my own, like mutual masturbation, I knew I was no longer the shy girl I’d once been. The movies helped me come into my own.”
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