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In the Thick of It: How to Gain Girth Where It Matters Most
I’m sure no woman would disagree with me when I say that while long penises are great, long, skinny penises aren’t, and can be almost disturbing in the moment. Each to her own, I suppose, but for me, a thin penis is almost a deal-breaker. They don’t hit the right spots; they feel weird both in your hands and in other places; they just look…wrong.
Just Not Right
If you’re a man with a thin penis, I’m sorry to speak on behalf of all females and make you feel bad, but even though it usually goes unsaid—only the most socially retarded partner would cry out, “what is that thing?” or “why is it so thin!”—everyone is wondering what’s up with your wimpy wiener. For us, it just seems bizarre to see a thin penis on a grown man—like seeing an adult male with T-Rex forearms or something.
Mind Over Matter
It’s more than just an unusual visual. The second our mind has honed in on the fact that you’re sporting a lanky limb we’re already envisaging disappointment in the bedroom. You might have the best technique in the world, but in our heads, we’re chanting, “pencil, it’s like a pencil, pencil…” When we finally hit intercourse, our arousal levels have essentially hit zero, and ain’t nothing gonna bring ‘em back up; unless, of course, your penis just happens to correspond perfectly with our G-spot, which would remove any mental obstacle to your girth.
Bring On the Boner
So, what’s a guy to do if he wants a second date? You really need to add some meat to your meat. I know what you’re saying, “If it’s so easy, you’d think I would have tried it before.” Well, I’m not saying it’s easy, but I am telling you that you have options. Manual techniques, herbal assistance…you’re not in this alone. What you’re looking for is a way to increase penile tissue and the size of the corpora cavernosa, not in length, but in volume.
You Cream and She’ll Cream
With this in mind, studies are finding that the best alternative is topical creams. While it’s both embarrassing and potentially dangerous to use erectile dysfunction pills, similar ingredients dispersed through the means of a cream have been proven to deliver a specific chemical—nitrous oxide, to be exact—right to the source, resulting in increased blood flow and blood volume to the penis, whilst keeping the systemic levels normal.
Open the Gates!
When the penis is in a flaccid state, the arteries, which would allow blood to flow into the penis, are clamped shut by two external muscles. When we need to increase the blood volume of the penis, we first need to allow these arteries full capacity for blood flow. This is what nitrous oxide does. The chemical causes these controlling muscles to relax, which allows the penis to begin expanding with blood.
What a nitrous oxide cream does is increase the potential carrying volume of these arteries, as well as the speed at which the penis fills with blood. The combination of these actions results in a thicker, more turgid erection. This is exactly what women are looking for when it comes to penises. The influx of blood creates a sturdier, stronger-looking cock; and with no side effects, the cream can be used over and over again.
Stretch It Out
Not only that, but continued stretching of the corpora cavernosa will cause the penis to increase in size over time, and the creams will eventually no longer be necessary. Stop stressing over your too thin dick, and start working your way towards a penis you can be proud of! Erectile-widening creams are a safe way to get started.
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