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Smegma: An Explanation for Penile Smells and White Substances

At temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius or less, motor oil solidifies and prevents an engine from combusting. When sludge continues to accumulate, the performance of an engine declines.

The body, similar to sludge buildup, exudes lubricants that accumulate, and while these oils may not reduce performance of any of your organs, the smell from these oils will create a nuisance.
For men especially, the accumulation of oils and dead skin cells can run rampant underneath the foreskin. These dead skin cells and oils create Smegma, a white, fish-smelling substance that resembles clumps of cottage cheese. Men who notice high volumes of Smegma will want to review their hygienic practices to prevent the accumulation of the substance.

What is Smegma

Smegma does serve its purpose in the body. For men and women, Smegma keeps the reproductive organs moist during sexual intercourse, acting as the body’s natural lubricant. And according to some studies, the lubricant contains anti-bacterial enzymes.

However, like the oil inside of an engine, the accumulation of Smegma can have an insidious effect. When left untouched for a few days, Smegma and dead skin cells putrefy and create a fishy-like smell. After a few weeks, the buildup of Smegma will exude from under the foreskin. Men who notice this expulsion will see white, yellowish stains on their boxers along with a foul stench every time they urinate.

Who Does Smegma Affect?

According to some reports, young, uncircumcised boys tend to experience the most traces of Smegma. Uncircumcised males experience increased sensitivity to their penile gland, and when they attempt to retract their foreskin, they too notice slight discomfort.

The increased sensitivity and discomfort keep most boys from performing daily cleaning practices. As a result of the sensitivity, most young teenage boys notice the higher rates of Smegma, while circumcised males notice the lowest rates. Still, Smegma can affect all men—both circumcised and uncircumcised.

Building Foreskin Elasticity

Young boys not used to retracting their foreskin will want to start by stretching the skin to improve its elasticity. After you urinate, practice retracting and stretching the foreskin. When in the shower, do the same. Yes, you will experience slight agitation, but the improved elasticity will help you retract the foreskin to remove any filth.

Preventing Smegma

Prevention of the lubricant is simple: maintain good hygienic practices. Men who perform routine cleaning should notice little to no traces of the compound. With little traces of Smegma, men too should notice an elimination of the smell. So gentlemen, if you notice a foul smell resonating from your penis, check underneath the foreskin to see if Smegma is the problem.

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